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Bhimavaram Mavullamma Temple – Timings, History, Jatara, Phone Number, Photos

Bhimavaram Mavullamma Temple:

Mavullamma Temple is an ancient temple in Bhimavaram, in the district of West Godavari. Mavullamma is the Gramadevata and puranas says the appearance of the Mavullamma idol in the year 1880 AD.

Bhimavaram Mavullamma Temple History:

As far as mythology is concerned, the goddess Bhimavaram Mavullamma appeared in the dream of Marella Machiraju and Grandhi Appana and revealed her location.The two devotees, as instructed by the goddess, removed the sand and found the Idol in the mango field. Marella Machiraju and Grandhi Appana built a temple for the goddess in 1880 AD. As the goddess was located in the Mango farmland, the goddess was called Mamillamma, later Mavullamma.

During Ashada Suddha Pournami, Mavullamma Goddess is to be decorated as Sakambari. At the annual festival (Mavullamma Jatara), Mavullamma is adorned with a golden saree.

Bhimavaram Mavullamma Temple Timings:

Mavullamma Temple Timings are 5 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 9 pm

Bhimavaram Mavullamma Temple Address:

Bhimavaram Mavullamma Thalli Temple,


West Godavari District,

Andhra Pradesh – 534201.

Bhimavaram Mavullamma Temple Phone Number:

Bhimavaram Mavullamma Phone Number is 08816-239505/ 232598

Bhimavaram Mavullamma Photos:

Bhimavaram Mavullamma Temple

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