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Kambagiri Swamy – Temple, Timings, Images

Kambagiri  Swamy:

In Peapully Mandal, the Kambagiri Swamy temple, in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, the nearby villages are Uppala Padu, Nereducheralla, Burugula, Boincheruvu palli and Racherla. Dhone Taluk. Kambagiri Swamy is a very powerful Hindu deity. The way to reach the Kambagiri Swamy temple is to travel by train to Dronachalam (Dhone) and then take a bus to Kommemarri or Boorugula to reach Racherla village.

From Racherla, there is a Ghat road to the Kambagiri Swamy temple. Lord Vishnu appears here in the form of Varanus. He is generally referred to as Kambagiri Rama and Kambagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. There’s a big water issue in the summer and it’s very hot. A Tirunnalla takes place every year on Chatra’s full moon day (15 days after Ugadi), which is attended by lakhs of devotees. To help the devotees, special government buses operate.

Kambagiri  Swamy Temple

An archaic poetic way of describing Lord Narasimha Swamy is Kambagiri swamy, and he has two wives-Sadda Lakkama and Sadda Lakshmamma. Devotees believe that in a short time, their prayers and wishes come true.

The Kambagiri temple is very cute, complete showing in erra malla forest and every moon lite temple showing very colourful. This temple is currently maintained by Kurnool Dt. Chella Rama Krishna Reddy of Owk Village. Chella Rama Krishna Reddy Garu Present In Andhra Pradesh, Koilakuntla Section Congress MLA.

Kambagiri  Swamy Temple Timings:

Monday – 9am – 5pm

Tuesday – 9am – 5pm

Wednesday – 9am – 5pm

Thursday – 9am – 5pm

Friday – 9am – 5pm

Saturday – Open 24 hours

Sunday – Closed

How to Reach Kambagiri Swamy Temple:

Kommamuri Bus, or racharla, or Yadiki or Banaganapalli buses are on this route at the Dhone Bus Stand. In Kurnool you can take the Banaganapalli bus at the Garladinne bus station. Switch bus or other direct kambagiri swamy temple travel.It is nearly 350 kilometres from Hyderabad.

Kambagiri  Swamy Temple Address:

Kambagiri Swamy Temple, Kambagiri, Owk Mandal, Kurnool

Famous Temples in Kurnool District:

Mahanandi Temple

Yaganti Temple

Ahobilam Temple

Kambagiri  Swamy Images:

Kambagiri  Swamy Temple

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