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Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool – History, Timings, Image

Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool :

In Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh , India, the Sangameshwara temple is a Hindu temple. It is situated at the confluence of the Krishna and Bhavanasi rivers near Muchumarri, on the foreshore of the Srisailam reservoir, where it is submerged for part of the time, surfacing when the level of water decreases to an appropriate degree. It was first submerged and first surfaced in 2003 after the Srisailam Dam was built in 1981.

Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool History :

After their visit to Srisailam Mallikarjuna temple, Dharmaraja, the eldest of the Pandavas, is believed to have constructed the wooden Lingam of the temple, Sangameshwaram. The temple is considered a place of religious sanctity because it is built at the confluence of seven rivers and remains visible for two months. (The Bhavanasi, the Krishna River and the five rivers that merge into it beforehand, namely Veni, Tunga, Bhadra, Bheemarathi and Malapaharini).

Now, when the water levels are low in summer, the Sangameshwara temple kurnool is visible for several days. On those days, the temple will also be open to the public. The temple has been continuously resurfacing each year in the summer months since 2003. However, because of the water, this age-old architecture is under pressure.

For 40-50 days, the Sangameshwara temple remains open and devotees are allowed to visit. As the temple is surrounded by water, people are brought in vessels. The wooden Lingam inside the sanctum also conducts many poojas and rituals.

Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool Timings:

Morning 6 am to evening 6 pm

Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool Address:

Sangameshwara temple Kurnool, Sangameswaram, Nandikotkur, Andhra Pradesh 518412.

how to reach sangameshwara temple kurnool:

During April-May, Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool was only open for 40-50 days. Boats are available from the shore to visit the temple.

There are government buses available to reach Pagidyala and the nearest train station is Kurnool railway station.

hyderabad to sangameshwara temple kurnool :

6 h 13 min (296.1 km) via NH 44

kurnool to sangameswaram distance:

2 h 17 min (88.9 km) via SH 60

nandyal to sangameswaram distance:

2 h 23 min (82.3 km) via NH 544D

Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool Images:

Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool History

Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool Timings

Sangameshwara Temple

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