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Singarakonda Temple – Prasannanjaneya Swamy – History, Accommodation, Tirunala, Timings, Photos

Singarakonda is known for Sri Prasannanjaneya Swamy (at Down Hill) and shrines Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy at one location. According to history, during King Devarayalu’s reign, the Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple on Singarakonda hill was constructed in the 14th century. Sila Sashan’s proof published on the Garuda Stambham suggests this Singarakonda Temple was constructed in 1443-44.

Singarakonda Temple History:

Singanna, a Lakshminarasimha Swamy devotee, lived in a village close to the mountain during the 14th century. His daughter named Narsamma used to look up the hill with her cows. They noted that for several days one of the cows did not give milk. Singanna secretly followed the cow to find out the reason and noted that the cow was going to a rock on the mountain and was standing.

A kid went out of the rock, sucking the cow’s milk and vanishing. Singanna thought that only as a kid went his beloved god Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy and took the cow’s milk. With this faith, Singanna constructed the temple of Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy on the hill. People later began to call this mountain Singarakonda.

Around 210 years ago (end of the 17th century), during the inauguration of Dwaja Stambham in the grounds of the Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple, thousands of devotees observed the installation and disappearance of Sri Prasannanjaneya Swamy Idol by a Yogai at the Bhavanasi tank below the Singarakonda mountain. The devotees at Singarakonda began to pray Sri Prasannanjaneya Swamy.

There is another powerful conviction that during his journey to Srilanka to search for Sita Devi, Sri Hanuman stayed a day in Singarakonda. This might be the reason Sri Prasannanjaneya Swamy’s idol faces south, which is a very unusual darshan for devotees from Singarakonda Hanuman Temple.

Singarakonda Temple History in Telugu:


Singarakonda Temple Timings:


07.00am – 01.00am

02.00pm – 04.00pm

05.00pm – 07.45pm


06.00am – 07.00am : Abhishekam

07.30am – 12.00pm : Sahasranamarchana to Mulavirat

01.00pm – 01.30pm : Pancha Harathi

07.00pm – 07.45pm : Pradoshakalarchana

Singarakonda Temple Accommodation:

Singarakonda Temple Rooms Booking: Available Devasthanam (A.C. & Non-A.C.) rooms. Budget hotels in the city of Addanki. The nearest city for luxury hotels is Guntur (87 km).

Singarakonda Tirunala: Tirunallu is the big festival that is celebrated every year and when the Singarakonda Temple is visited by thousands of individuals. The main attraction here that day is Prabha, the bamboo and electrical structures that are 50 ft to 100 ft high. People also spend the whole night with Bhajans and there are cultural activities on the Prabhas ‘ dias.

Singarakonda Temple Address: Singarakonda – Addanki Rd, Addanki North U, Andhra Pradesh 523201

Singarakonda Temple Photos:

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