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Vemulawada Raja Rajeswari Temple – Phone Number, Accommodation, History, Timings

 Vemulawada Temple :

One of the most prominent Hindu temples in Telangana, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is Rajarajeshwari Temple vemulawada  (holy place). Historically, the region was the capital of the Vemulawada Chalukyas, who ruled from 750 to 973 CE.Vemulawada Rajanna Temple is situated in the town of Vemulawada, Telangana, India.

 About Vemulawada Temple :

In this part of the area, this temple of Shiva in the shape of Raja Rajeswara Swamy is very famous. The temple’s presiding deity is Sri Raja Rajeswara Swamy, who is locally known as Rajanna, who is adorned on both sides by Sri Raja Rajeswari Devi’s idol on the right and Sri Laxmi Sahitha Siddi Vinayaka’s idol on the left.

38 km from Karimnagar, Vemulawada Raja Rajeswara temple is located. This famous temple dedicated to Lord Rajarajeswara Swamy attracts great numbers of pilgrims. Before continuing to darshan, pilgrims have a sacred bath in a holy tank called Dharma Gundam, and these holy waters are thought to have medicinal properties. Every year, devotees flock to Vemulawada in large numbers at the time of Maha Sivarathri, to give prayers to Lord Shiva. This Vemulawada shiva temple also has a very special offering called ‘Kode Mokku’, created by devotees.Kode Mokku is a ritual where the devotee makes a kode (bull) with the pradakshinam of the temple, which is Lord Shiva’s vahanam (Nandi). There’s a huge Siva Linga inside.

Vemulawada Temple History :

A king, Sri Raja Raja Narendra, once came to this place to hunt wild animals. But he killed a Brahmin boy accidentally, who was drinking water from a pond. Then he got an incurable disease and went to several holy places on a pilgrimage and returned to this spot. He drank holy water from the Dharmagundam one day, and slept all night praying to Lord Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy. In the dreams of the King, Lord Shiva appeared and asked him to take the Lingam out of Dharmagundam and put it in the temple.

The king then took the Lingam out and washed it with water from Dharmagundam. In order to hold Lingam within the temple, he constructed a temple on the hill while he slept the night that Holy Sidhas came and created the idol of God inside the temple. When the king was worried that the opportunity to set up Shiva Lingam was missing, Lord Shiva appeared in his dreams and vowed that the name of the king would forever be synonymous with the site. His incurable illness was then healed as well.

Vemulawada Rajanna Temple Timings : 4.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Rajarajeshwari Temple Vemulawada Timings & Pooja Information :

4:10 am – Temple opened Time

4:10 am – 4:30 am – Suprabhatha Seva

4:30 am – 4:35 am – Harathi

4:35 am – 5:00 am – Sarva Darshan

5:00 am – 5:15 am – Gomatha and Kode Pooja

5:15 am – 6:15 am – Morning Hours Pooja

6:15 am – 11:30 am – Sarva Darshan

6:15 am – 11:30 am – Abhishekam

10:30 am – 12:30 pm – Nitya Kalyanam

12:10 pm – 2:00 pm – Sarva Darshan

2:30 pm – 6:00 pm – Sarva Darshan

7:15 pm – 9:00 pm – Sarva Darshan

Vemulawada Temple Sevas : 

  • Abhiseka Puja
  • Sri Swamy Varla Kalyanam
  •  Kumkuma Puja
  •  Pallaki Seva & Pedda Seva
  •  Maha Puja
  •  Aakula Puja

Rajarajeshwari Temple Vemulawada Address : Vemulawada Devasthanam Road, Rajanna Siricilla Dist., Vemulawada, Telangana 505302.

Vemulawada Temple Phone Number : 087232 36018

Vemulawada Temple Accommodation : Rooms can be booked at the counter at Meeseva. Rooms can also be reserved on arrival at the counter. 

Other Temples in Vemulawada :

Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple.

Sri Seetharama Chandra Swamy Temple.

Sri Anjaneya Sahitha Kasi Visweswara Swamy.

Sri Dakshina Murthy Temple.

Sreeevalli Devasena Sametha Subramanya Swamy Temple.

Sri Bala Tripura Sundari Devi Temple.

Sri Someshwaralayam.

Sri Uma Maheshwaralayam.

Sri Mahisasura Mardhani Temple.


Sri Kala Bhairava Swamy Temple.

How to Reach Sri Raja Rajeshwara Temple Vemulawada :

The closest airport is Shamshabad Airport in Hyderabad, 193 kilometres away.Karimnagar, which is 36 kilometres from Vemulavada, is the nearest railway station.A range of direct buses from Sircilla and Karimnagar are available.

Vemulawada Temple Distance:

Vemulawada to kondagattu : 3 hr (113.9 km) via NH563

Hyderabad to Vemulawada distance : 3 hr 28 min (150.2 km) via Hyderabad – Mancherial Hwy/Hyderabad – Ramagundam Rd/Karimnagar – Hyderabad Hwy/Rajiv Rahadari/Utkoor – Mogdumpur Rd.

Warangal to Vemulawada distance : 3 hr 2 min (113.4 km) via NH563.

Karimnagar to Vemulawada distance : 55 min (33.9 km) via Karimnagar – Sircilla Rd.

Vemulawada Rajeswari Temple Photos :

Vemulawada Temple

Vemulawada Raja Rajeswara temple

Vemulawada Temple History

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