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Venadu Dargah – History, Details, Address, Images

Venadu Dargah:

This Venadu dargah is located on the island of Pulicat Lake in the village of VENADU. This Venadu dargah is located 24 km away from the town of Sullurupeta. Frequent Bus and Van facility is there from Sullurupeta to reach this darga. DARGA has 147 Feet Thumb. This is the unique feature of this darga.

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Venadu Dargah Details:

Venadu village lies in Sulurupeta ‘s interiors near Sriharikota (India’s Space Launching Station) in Nellore District. The village is well known for the Hazrat Dawood Shah Wali (Rahmatullah Alaih) Dargah. The length of the Mazar of the aforesaid Buzurg is what is so unique about this Dargah.

The mazar is 144 feet long to be precise. Since the mazar is situated in the interiors and was not cemented, it used to collapse due to strong winds, but once the winds subsided, it would regain its shape again. The mazar was recently converted by none other than the Mozart Of Madras, Mr A. R. Rahman, to a cemented one.

Venadu Dargah Address:

Venadu Dargah,

Venadu, Andhra Pradesh 524124

chennai to venadu dargah distance: 2 h 34 min (104.2 km) via NH16

nellore to venadu dargah distance: 2 h 23 min (119.2 km) via NH16

sullurupeta to venadu dargah bus timings: This dargah of Venadu is situated 24 km from the town of Sullurupeta There is frequent bus and van from Sullurupeta to get to this venadu dargah.The Bus Starts from morning 6.30 am.Every 2 hours bus/van available to reach dargah from sullurpeta.

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Venadu Dargah Images:

Venadu Dargah

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