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MahaShivaratri 2021- Shiva, Temples List, Images

MahaShivaratri 2021: MahaShivaratri is an annual Hindu festival dedicated to the god Shiva. The name also refers to Shiva’s divine dance, which takes place at night. Each luni-solar month of the Hindu calendar has a Shivaratri on the 13th night/14th day of the month, but Maha Shivaratri, which means “the Great Night of Shiva,” occurs once a year in late winter (February/March, or Phalguna) and before the arrival of Summer.

Mahashivratri Information :

Maha Shivaratri  is a major Hindu festival that is solemn and commemorates the “overcoming of darkness and ignorance” in life and in the universe. It is commemorated by recalling Shiva and chanting prayers, fasting, and reflecting on ethics and values such as fairness, non-injury to others, charity, repentance, and Shiva’s discovery. The passionate devotees stay up all night. Others pay a visit to a Shiva temple or make a pilgrimage to the Jyotirlingas. This is an ancient Hindu festival with no known origin date.

Since Shaiva Hindus mark this night as “overcoming darkness and ignorance” in one’s life and the world through Shiva, the celebration involves keeping a “jaagaran,” an all-night vigil and prayers. Offerings of fruits, leaves, sweets, and milk are made to Shiva, and some people fast all day with vedic or tantric worship of Shiva, while others practice meditative Yoga. “Om Namah Shivaya,” Shiva’s holy mantra, is chanted during the day in Shiva temples. The Shiv Chalisa is recited by Shiva devotees to worship Lord Shiva.

Maha Shivaratri 2021 Date : Thursday, 11 March 2021

List of Famous Shiva Temples in Andhra Pradesh :

  • Kapila Theertham, Chittoor
  • Kukkuteswara Temple, East Godavari
  • Yaganti temple, Kurnool district
  • Chejarlain Narasaraopet Kapoteswara Swamy temple
  • Draksharamam Temple, East Godavari
  • Gudimallam Sivalayam Temple (oldest known lingam) Chittoor district
  • Kotappakonda, Guntur
  • Kotipalli, East Godavari
  • Mahanandi, Kurnool
  • Maha Siva Temple, Chittoor
  • Mogileswaralayam, Chittoor
  • Mukteswaram Temple, East Godavari
  • Old Siva Temple, Chittoor
  • Puligundu Shiva Temple, Chittoor
  • Rudrakoti, Kurnool district
  • Samarlakota Temple, East Godavari
  • Siva Shanmuga Sundareshwarar Temple,Chittoor
  • Sri Sangameswara Alayam, Moola Kona
  • Sri Siva Nagendra Swamy Temple Chittoor
  • Srimukhalingeswara, Srikakulam
  • Srisailam Temple, Kurnool
  • Surutupally Sivalayam, Chittoor
  • Tripurantakam Temple, Prakasam district
  • Vezzupalli Shiva Temple, Chittoor

Maha Shivratri  Images :

 maha shivaratri images

shivratri 2021

Maha Shivaratri 2021

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