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Amruteshwar Temple – History, Timings

Amruteshwar Temple :

Amruteshwar Temple is a 1200 year old intricately carved Shiva temple located in Ratanwadi, Maharashtra. The Shilahara dynasty built this beautiful Temple in the 9th century CE. This is one of King Jhanj’s 12 Lord Shiva temples.

Amruteshwar Temple History :

The Amruteshwar Temple was built in the Hemadpanthi architectural style, and the main shrine features beautiful rock carvings. It was constructed with black and red stones. The temple’s ceiling and walls are adorned with some impressive and lovely murals. A mantapa with 12 pillars can be found. All of the pillars are ornately carved with statues and flowers.The temple is in Ratanwadi village, which serves as the base village for the famous Ratangad Fort. 

This Amruteshwar Mandir is carved in black stone and serves as a great starting point for all Shiva pilgrims and explorers. Each part of the temple is so beautifully carved that you will lose your soul in it. Stone sculptures of gods and goddesses adorn the entrance and pillars.

Amruteshwar Temple

Traveling to this Amruteshwar Temple by road is difficult due to the rough roads on the hills. Arthur Lake separates Ratanwadi from Bhandardara. The village of Ratanwadi can also be reached by boat from Bhandardara.

Amruteshwar Temple Timings : It opens for 24 hours in a day. 

shirdi to amruteshwar temple distance : 3 hr 29 min (113.2 km) via MH SH 44

Amruteshwar mandir Address : Amruteshwar temple, @-Ratanwadi near Bhandardara, Ratanwadi, Maharashtra 422604.

Amruteshwar Temple Photos :

amruteshwar mandir



Amruteshwar mandir Address

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