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Mumbadevi Temple – Timings, Website, Address, History

Mumbadevi Temple :

MumbaDevi Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Mumba, the local incarnation of the Devi, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (Mother Goddess). Sanskrit is the source of the Marathi Mumba. Mumba Devi is the city goddess of Mumbai. The name Mumbai comes from the goddess Mumba Devi.

Mumbadevi Mandir History : 

This Mumbadevi Mandir was constructed in honor of the Goddess Amba. The Mumbadevi temple dates back six centuries. The first Mumbadevi temple was located at Bori Bunder and was destroyed between 1739 and 1770. Following the destruction, a new temple was built in the same location at Bhuleshwar. The Goddess represents Mother Earth and is still worshiped by Hindus in both the northern Indo-Gangetic plain and southern India. The original temple, built by Koli fishermen at the site of the former Victoria Terminus station, was demolished around 1737, and a new temple was built in its place at Phansi Talao. The modern shrine houses a statue of the Goddess Mumbadevi, who is dressed in a robe with a silver crown, a nose stud, and a golden necklace. A stone figure of Annapurna seated on a peacock sits to the left. A tiger, the Goddess’s carrier, stands in front of the shrine.

The city’s current name is derived from the Goddess Mumbadevi. The temple itself is unimpressive, but it is an important landmark because it is dedicated to MumbaDevi, the patron deity of the city.

Legend – MumbaDevi : 

The MumbaDevi Temple honors the goddess Parvati (also known as Gauri) in her fisherwoman form. Goddess Parvati had to gain perseverance and concentration in order to take on the form of Mahakali. At the time, Lord Shiva (Goddess Parvati’s husband) insisted that Goddess Parvati reincarnate as a fisherwoman in order for her to gain the ability of perseverance and concentration, just as a fisherman gains both of these qualities while learning to fish. Goddess Parvati then took the form of a fisherwoman and established a hermitage in a fishing village (the current location of Mumbai). In her early years, Goddess Parvati was known as Matsyaa, and later as Mumba in her Fisherwoman form. Mumba dedicated herself to learning perseverance and concentration from fishermen who were dedicated to their profession of catching fish through concentration and perseverance. When Mumba had mastered the techniques of perseverance and concentration, it was time for her to return to where she had come from. Lord Shiva appeared in the form of a fisherman and married Mumba without realizing who she was. Later, the fishermen requested that she remain in the village indefinitely, and thus she became the village goddess (grama devata). Because the people who lived there referred to her as “Aai” (meaning mother in Marathi), she became known as Mumba Aai. And she was the inspiration for the name Mumbai.

Mumbadevi Temple Timings : 

The mumbadevi temple mumbai timings are : 6:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Mumbadevi Temple Website :

Mumbadevi Temple Address : Mumbadevi Mandir, Mumbadevi Area, Bhuleshwar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002.

Mumbadevi Temple contact number : +91-22224-24974

Special Pooja at Mumbadevi Temple :

1. Shree Kumkum Archan ₹ 51/-
2. Shree Kapoor Aarti ₹ 51/-
3. Shree Mataji Abhishek ₹ 75/-
4. Nav Vivahit Puja ₹ 251/-
5. Shree Raj Bhog ₹ 1001/-
6. Shree Wadi Puja (Shringar Wadi) ₹ 15000/-
7. Shree Wadi Puja (2 Gala) ₹ 26500/-
8. Shree Wadi Puja (4 Gala) ₹ 40000/-
9. Shree Navchandi Yagnya Puja ₹ 15000/-
10. Shree Mataji Shringar Puja ₹ 6500/-


MumbaDevi Temple Darshan Timings :

6.30 a.m. Temple opens with Mangala Aarti
9.30 a.m. Main Aarti
12.15 p.m. Naivaidya Aarti
6.30 p.m. Dhoop Aarti
8.00 p.m. Main Aarti
9.45 p.m. Shayan Aarti
10.00 p.m. Temple Closes

How to Reach MumbaDevi Temple :

Mumba Devi Temple is one of Mumbai’s most important tourist attractions. The MumbaDevi Mandir is located approximately 23 kilometers from Mumbai’s city center and is easily accessible by any public mode of transportation.

Mumbadevi Temple Photo :

MumbaDevi Temple

Mumbadevi Mandir

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