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Top 10 Chola Temples in Bangalore

Famous Chola Temples in Bangalore:

The Chola dynasty was one of the most powerful dynasties in southern India’s history. The Cholas controlled Bangalore for about a century. The Cholas’ core was the lush Kaveri River valley, but they dominated a far greater territory at the height of their dominance, including modern-day Bangalore. They erected various temples in and around Bangalore during their reign, including the Chokkanathaswamy temple, Mukthi Natheshwara Temple, Choleswara Temple, and the Someshwara Temple. 

Top 10 Chola Temples in Bangalore:

1.Chokkanathaswamy temple:

The Chokkanathaswamy temple in Domlur is the city’s oldest temple, with inscriptions dating back to the 10th century AD. The temple was first constructed by Raja Raja Chola I and afterwards refurbished by the Hoysalas and Vijayanagara emperors. Lord Shiva was the original god of the temple, but a Vishnu shrine was later added.

chokkalingeswarar temple

Chokkanathaswamy Temple Domlur Timings:

   sri chokkanathaswamy temple domlur timings

    6:00 am – 11:00 am, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

 Chokkanathaswamy Temple Address: Sri chokkanathaswamy temple, 5th Cross Road, Opposite Sony  World, Village Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071.

2. Halasuru Someshwara Temple:

Ulsoor temple is in the Halasuru (also known as Ulsoor) suburb of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is devoted to the Hindu god Shiva and is one of the city’s oldest temples, dating back to the Chola dynasty. Under the tenure of Hiriya Kempe Gowda in the late Vijayanagara Empire, major expansions and renovations were done.

Ulsoor Someshwara Temple

Someshwara Temple Ulsoor Timings :

 Morning : 6.ooam–12:30pm 

  Evening : 5:30pm–9pm

Ulsoor Shiva Temple Address :Ulsoor Rd, Someshwarpura, Halasuru, Karnataka 560008     

 3.Kashi Vishweshwar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Kadugodi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The temple was built during the reign of Chola King Rajendra Chola.The name “Kadugodi” originates from the fact that the temple was built in the middle of the forest, hence the names Kadu (forest in Kannada) and Gudi (meaning temple in Kannada). The Vaastu and architecture of the Cholas are strikingly similar to that of the Ganga dynasty, who came before them. The god is also known as Rajadhi Raja Bhangisvaramhow, according to inscriptions in the temple’s basement. The original Shiva Linga mentioned in these inscriptions was stolen, and a new one transported from Varanasi was installed in its stead.

4. Vasantha Vallabharaya Temple: is a Hindu temple dedicated to Vasantha Vallabharaya, the Hindu god Vishnu, and is located in Vasantapura in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It was built during the Chola dynasty.The Vasantha Vallabharaya Temple, located on a hillock south of Bangalore city in Vasantapura, dates back to the period of Rishi Mandavya, who is supposed to have established the shrine according to the Sthalapurana.

5. Sri Ananda Lingeshwara Temple: The temple was renovated in three stages: in 2000 (the temple itself), 2009 (the temple’s surroundings), and 2012. (Ganesha Temple on the west side of the hill). A Kala Bairaveshwara deity was erected in a cave to the east of the hill in 2013.The Kaala Bairaveshwara is also known as Kshetra Paalaka, which translates to “region guardian.” The worshippers had to first devote the Kaala Bairaveshwara god before witnessing the major God, according to the ” Shiva purana “.

6. Eshwara Temple: is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Kengeri, Bangalore, that dates back to the Chola ruler Rajendra Chola’s reign (1050 AD).It is one of Bangalore’s Chola Era Temples.Prasanna Someswara Temple, also known as Eshwara Temple, is located near Kote Anjaneya Swamy Temple in Kengeri.

7. Dharmesvara Temple: is devoted to the deity Dharmesvara and is located in Kondrahalli, Bangalore Rural, Hoskote Taluk in Bangalore, Karnataka, India (the Hindu god Shiva). It was built in 1065 AD during the Chola period.

8. Mukthi Natheshwara Temple: is devoted to the deity Mukthi Natheshwara and is located in Binnamangala, Nelamangala, Karnataka, India (the Hindu god Shiva). It dates from the Rajaraja Chola dynasty. (1110 A.D.) is a year of the Roman calendar.

9. Old Madiwala Sri Someshwara Temple: The deity Someshwara is worshipped at the Old Madiwala Sri Someshwara Temple in Bangalore (also known as Bengaluru), Karnataka, India (the Hindu god Shiva). It is one of the city’s oldest temples, dating from the Chola Empire period. The temple dates from the 12th century (1247 AD).

10. Someshwara Temple Agara: In Bangalore, Karnataka, India, the Someshwara Temple is located in Agara, on the Sarjapura main road.. It goes back to the Chola dynasty and is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, Someshwara. The temple has a 1,200-year history.

Other Famous Temples in Bangalore:

  1. Iskcon Temple
  2. Kempfort Shiva Temple
  3. Jagannath Temple Bangalore
  4. Dodda Basavana Gudi
  5. Domlur Chokkanathaswamy Temple
  6. Suryanarayana Temple Domlur
  7. Halasuru Someshwara Temple
  8. Ragigudda Anjaneya Temple
  9. Banashankari Amma Temple
  10. Navagraha Jain Temple Hubli
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