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Kudle Beach | Kudle Beach Stay | Resorts | Gokarna

Kudle Beach

In Gokarna, Karnataka, India, Kudle Beach is a naturally formed “C” shaped beach. It is regarded as one of the top five beaches, with connections to Om Beach in the south and Gokarna’s major beach at its northern end.It is a cleaner, more natural, cleaner, and less crowded place to watch the sunset because it is not easily accessible to the general public. Kudle beach Gokarna, located farther north of Om beach and bordered by hills on both ends, is not accessible by roadways. The head of the Ramachandrapura Mutt in Shimoga recently claimed that Kudle Beach was the birthplace of Lord Hanuman in accordance with the Valmiki Ramayana.Scuba diving, boating, and water sports draw a sizable number of visitors to the beach. It typically receives visits for two to three hours.


How to reach Kudle Beach :

Both the train and the bus make it simple to get to Kudle Beach. Kudle is not serviced by direct flights. Additionally, rental services like taxis are available.

By Rail :

When travelling by train, the Ankola railway station, which is located around 20 kilometres from the beach, is the closest and largest station, followed by the Madgaon railway station. Kudle Beach is only 3 kilometres from the Gokarna railway station, which is the closest station.

By Road:

From all the main cities, buses run to Gokarna. The buses are overnight (5–10 hours) and depart from Mangalore and Bangalore. The Shivamogga bus station serves as the meeting place for buses arriving from various stations, and from there, transportation is accessible all the way to Bangla Gudda.

Bangalore is 450 kilometres from Kudle Shore by car, while Mangalore and Goa are 235 and 147 kilometres away from the beach, respectively.

By Air

The Daoblin airport in Goa is 110 kilometres from the city and is the closest airport. For air travel to Kudle Beach, there are airports in both Bangalore and Mangalore.

Sports at Kudli Beach

The different water sports include kayaking, which aids in moving through the water, jet skiing with a skilled instructor, in which the average power remains between 100 and 135 horsepower, and banana boating, which involves a banana-shaped boat for adult enjoyment and excludes minors. Scuba diving makes it possible to see the stunning sea life, including corals and blooms. When the waves are three to five feet high, surfing is also possible.


Entry fee at Kudle Beach:

There is no entrance price, however parking costs Rs. 100. It is open to everyone 24 hours a day. It is best to go there between 6 am and 4 pm because it gets dark after then. Usually, visitors stay for two to three hours.

Places to stay in Kudle Beach

There are many cottages are available at Kudle beach with luxury accommodation.Some of kudle beach resorts are: 

  1. Gokarna International Kudle Beach Resort
  2. Shanthi Krishna Residency
  3. Mandala Resort
  4. Paradise Holiday Cottage


Gokarna to Kudle beach distance: 6 min (1.7 km) via Namaste Samudra Rd and Belehittal Rd.

Bangalore to Kudle Beach distance: 9 hr 17 min (487.0 km) via NH 48, NH 48 and NH 766E.

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