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Om Beach – Gokarna, Stay, Resort, Things to do, Best time to Visit

Om Beach Gokarna:

In the coastal city of Gokarna, which is part of the North Canara district, Om Beach is a popular tourist destination. Om Beach, one of the most renowned beaches in the nation, is shaped like the Hindu symbol for peace, “Om.” The beach gives a spectacular view of the sunset in the form of two crescents linked together to form an Om. Travellers from all over the world are drawn to the expansive white sand beach that borders the rugged landscape.

Things to do at Om Beach:

Excellent sunset views may be found at Om Beach in Gokarna.

The Om beach in Gokarna offers a variety of water sports, including surfing, banana boat excursions, jet skiing, and parasailing. Private companies provide the activities, and not all of them might be supplied constantly.

Hills near Gokarna provide wonderful trekking options. A wonderful view of the beach and ocean may be had by hiking to Om Beach viewpoint, Om Beach Rock View, and Rock of Peace nearby.

Best Time to Visit Om Beach:

The months of October through March are the best for visiting Om Beach and the surrounding areas. The daytime temperature reached about 32 degrees, and the atmosphere was pleasant.

Places to visit near Om Beach Gokarna:

Yana cliffs (53 km), Murudeshwara (80 km), and Karwar (65 km) are some of the neighbouring sites that may be visited in addition to Om Beach in Gokarna.

How to Reach Om Beach Gokarna:

Om Beach in Gokarna is 6 kilometres away from the city centre. Bengaluru is 500 kilometres away from Gokarna, and Mangaluru is 230 km away. The closest airport is in Goa (150 kms from Gokarna). The closest railroad station is in Ankola (19 kms). To go to Om Beach from Gokarna city, you can rent an auto or taxi.

Places to stay near Om Beach Gokarna:

In Gokarna, the Om Beach Resort is run by Jungle Lodges & Resorts. There are numerous hotels, beachside resorts, and homestays in Gokarna town.

Gokarna Railway Station to Om Beach distance: 30 min (14.4 km) via Gokarna Rd and Om Beach Rd

Gokarna temple to Om Beach distance: 24 min (8.3 km) via Om Beach Rd

Om Beach to Kudle Beach distance: 21 min (6.9 km) via Om Beach Rd

Gokarna main beach to Om Beach distance: 22 min (8.3 km) via Om Beach Rd

Om Beach to Half Moon Beach distance: 900 m Distance from Om Beach to Half Moon Beach

Murudeshwar to Om Beach distance: 1 hr 37 min (82.4 km) via NH 66

Om Beach Images :


Om Beach

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