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Hoysaleswara Temple | Halebidu Temple – Timings, Architecture

Hoysaleswara Temple:

Hoysaleswara Temple, also known as the Halebidu Temple, is a Hindu temple from the 12th century that is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is the largest monument in Halebidu, the old Hoysala Empire capital located in the Indian state of Karnataka.King Vishnuvardhana of the Hoysala Empire funded the construction of the temple, which was situated on the shores of a sizable artificial lake.

Halebidu Temple History:

Around 1121 CE, work on it began, and Halebidu Temple was finished by 1160 CE. The Muslim troops of the Delhi Sultanate from northern India twice attacked and plundered Halebidu in the early 14th century, leaving the temple and the capital in a state of ruin and neglect. It is roughly 210 kilometres from Bengaluru and 30 kilometres from Hassan city.

The Hoysaleswara temple is a twin temple devoted to the Hoysaleswara and Santaleswara Shiva lingas, which are named after the masculine and female parts of Shiva, respectively. They are linked at their transept. Outside, there are two Nandi shrines with one seated Nandi facing each corresponding Shiva linga. The Hindu Sun God Surya has a tiny sanctuary in the temple. The Belur Halebidu Temple appears flat now that the superstructure towers are gone. Although the monument is currently approached from the north side, the temple faces east. The Nandi shrines and the primary temples both have square floor plans.

The soapstone used to carve the temple. In addition to its history, iconography, and inscriptions in North Indian and South Indian scripts, it is renowned for its sculptures, complex reliefs, and ornate friezes. The temple art offers a visual window into South Indian life and culture in the 12th century. Hindu doctrine and related stories are depicted in over 340 substantial reliefs. Numerous smaller friezes tell stories from Hindu classics such the Bhagavata Purana, the Mahabharata, and the Ramayana. A few friezes underneath substantial reliefs depict its narrative scenes.

Architecture of Hoysaleswara Temple: 

A twin temple, or dvikuta vimana, the Hoysaleswara temple is sometimes spelled Hoysaleshwara or Hoywalesvara. The sanctums of the two identical temples face the sunrise and open to the east. There is a Shiva linga in both the sanctuary of “Hoysaleswara” (the king) and “Shantaleswara” (the queen, Shantala Devi).

On top of each sanctuary in the temple were towers, however they are no longer there. These towers were to have mimicked the shrine’s star shape.

Two sanctums (garbha grihas) of the twin temple each contain a Shiva linga. Both “Shantaleswara” Shiva and “Hoysaleswara” Shiva have their own temples (the queen, Shantala). Each is the same size. Each sanctum is a square with three niches on the north, west, and south sides and a darsana dvara (view doorway) on the east. The vimana superstructure was originally completed by a tower (shikhara) towering above the sanctuary square, but the towers have been lost to history, leaving the temple with a flat appearance. The walls of the sanctum are unadorned in order to keep the devotee from being distracted and to direct visitors’ attention to the spiritual symbol.

Hoysaleswara Temple Timings: 

The timings of Hoysaleswara Temple are 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM

How to reach Halebidu Hoysaleswara Temple

By Road: Only 150 kilometres separate Halebidu from the well-known tourist destination of Mysore. From Mysore, it takes about 3 hours and 17 minutes to get to Halebidu.

By Train: Hassan, which is located 30 kilometres from Halebidu, is the closest railhead. Mysore and Mangalore are two other notable railroad hubs that are well connected to the rest of India.

By Air: Mysore airport is the closest domestic airport to Halebidu. From Mysore, it takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes to get to Halebidu.

Halebidu Temple Images:

Hoysaleswara Temple

Hoysaleswara Temple timings

halebidu temple

Belur Halebidu Temple

Belur Halebidu

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