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Kudalasangama Temple – Timings, Distance, Rooms, Contact Number

Kudalasangama Temple:

For Lingayats, Kudalasangam in India is a significant place of worship. Kudalasangama Temple is situated in the Karnataka state’s Bagalkote district, around 15 kilometres from the Almatti Dam. 

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Kudalasangama River

Here, the Krishna and Malaprabha Rivers converge, flowing eastward toward Srisailam (another important pilgrimage site) in Andhra Pradesh. Here is the Aikya Mantapa, also known as the holy Samdhi of Basavanna, who is regarded as the originator of Lingayatism together with the Linga, said to be self-born (Swayambhu).

Kudalasangama Temple History:

A 1213 AD temple inscription describes a donation made to the god Acheshvara. Another 1160 AD stone record mentions a land transfer to the gods Kaleshvara and Achesvara.

According to legend, Basaveshwara, Channabasavanna, and Akkanagamma were educated here that Jathaveda Muni Sarangamath established in the 12th century. Here, Basaveshvara spent his young years and is claimed to have attained union with the God following his return from Kalyana. The presiding god at this place, Sangamanatha, is the recipient of the vachanas he authored.

The well-known philosopher and social reformer Vishwaguru (also known as Ingaleshwara Bagewadi) Basavanna was born at Bagewadi, also known as Basavana Bagewadi, a small village in the Bijapur District of North Karnataka. Agrahara was a significant location in the city. Here was where Madiraja, the township’s chief, lived. According to the Hindu calendar known as the Panchanga, Basaveshwara was born to Madiraja and Madambike on the third day of the Vyshakha month of the Anandanama year in Rohini star (the year coincides with AD 1134).Great saint Basavanna is revered as the guru by those who follow him. a revolutionary who founded the Lingayat sect and was a true visionary of his day. The ultimate goal of Basavanna was to guarantee everyone’s access to this essential right. By preaching and producing religious material in Kannada, Basavanna has accelerated programmes to bring religion to the masses with welfare as the ultimate goal. He is in samadhi in Kudalasangama.

Location & Architecture of Kudalasangama Sangameshwara Temple :

The location is a village located roughly 12 miles (19 km) from Hungund. At the meeting point of the Krishna and Malaprabha rivers, close by, is the revered Sangameshwara temple and sacred pilgrimage site. The residence of Ishanaguru, the teacher of Basaveshwara, was formerly known as Kappadi sangama.

The main shrine, navaranga, and porch make up the temple. In the navaranga are the idols of Basaveshvara, Neelamma, Nandi, and Ganapathi. The garbhagriha’s entrance frame is intricately carved with flower patterns and animal figurines. The linga known as Sangameshvara or Sangamanatha is located in the sanctuary.

A tall cement concrete dry well has been built around a small stone mantapa with a Shivalinga in the middle of the river in front of the temple to protect it from flooding.

The Neelamma’s temple is located on the east bank of the river Krishna. She was Basaveshvara’s spouse. A high cement concrete dry well has also been created here to surround the structure and keep it out of the water.

Kudalasangama temple timings

The timings of Kudalasangama temple timings is 6.00 am – 1.00 pm & 3.00 pm – 8.00 pm

KudalasangamaTemple Address:  

Kudalasangama Sangameshwara Temple

6348+R9R, Kudala Sangama, 

Karnataka 587112.

Kudalasangama Temple contact number : 083512 68060

Hotels near to Kudalasangama Temple :

  • Clarks Inn Bagalkot
  • Krupa Lodge
  •  Hari Priya Bagalkot
  • Morpho Badami Resort

How to reach Kudalasangama Temple:

kudalasangama to badami distance: 1 hr 52 min (69.2 km) via SH 133

kudalasangama to almatti dam distance : 41 min (30.5 km) via NH50

Kudalasangama to Pattadakal distance: 1 hr 20 min (48.0 km) via SH 133

Kudalasangama to hospet distance: 2 hr 31 min (126.2 km) via NH50

Kudalasangama to bijapur Distance: 1 hr 51 min (93.8 km) via NH50

Kudalasangama to hampi distance: 2 hr 55 min (140.2 km) via NH50

Kudalasangama to Aihole distance: 58 min (43.4 km) via NH50

Kudalasangama Temple Images:


Kudalasangama Temple

Kudalasangama Temple Timings

Basavanna, Kudalasangama Temple

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