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Idagunji Ganesha Temple – Timings, History, Festivals

Idagunji Ganesha Temple:

There are many Ganapati Kshetras which are Vidya Karakadu, Vighnahartra, Vighnakarta etc. The double Ganapati Kshetra called Kunjavana is one of the Ashtavinayaka Kshetras. Idagunji Ganapati is a Kalpataru of Kali Yuga. Devotees consider Vinayaka as the most powerful deity of Idagunji near Honnavara in Uttara Kannada district. A temple was built for this legendary idol in the fourth century. The Vinayaka temple in Idagunji village is one of the prominent Ganapati temples in our country. This village is located near Gokarna, a famous Shaivite shrine. This Idagunji Ganesha Temple is situated where the Sharavati River meets the Arabian Sea.

Uniqueness of Idagunji Temple:

Ganapati, the remover of Vighnas, is considered here as the lord of marriages, who decides the marriages. Ganesha is celibate. But he has to have a cool look to make any marriage go smoothly. That is why some devotees do not attempt to get married without the permission of Lord Vinayaka in the village of Idagunji in Karnataka.

A caste called Bandi in Karnataka

The families of the bride and the groom reach this temple when the Bandhi caste in Karnataka enters into a marriage relationship. There one or two chits are placed under the two feet of Lord Ganesha. If the lot falls down near the right leg, it is considered auspicious and marriage arrangements are taken care of with the grace of Lord Ganesha. Apart from that, if the card near the left leg falls down, it is considered inauspicious and they look for another marriage relationship.

A Different form of Vinayaka

In any temple, Ganesha is mostly seen with four hands, but in the temple of Idagunji, Ganapati has only Two Hands also called (dvibhuja ganapati) and standing in a stone slab. Wearing a modaka(sweet) in one hand and a Lotus bud in the other hand, he looks modest with a garland around his neck. The rat vehicle which usually accompanies Ganesha is not seen here. Devotees believe that just by offering Garike(grass) to Lord Vinayaka in Idagunji temple, he will fulfil their wishes.

Idagunji Ganesha Temple History:

It was the period when the Dwapara Yuga was about to end and the Kali Yuga was about to begin. It is the time when Lord Krishna is also going to take his incarnation. To avert the doshas of the coming Kali Yuga, all the Saints prepared to perform Yagna yagas under the leadership of Valakhilya. For that they chose an area called Kunjavanam near Sharavati river. As Narada also said that once upon a time the Trinity had killed the Asuras in this same area, the saints decided to perform the Yaga at Kunjavanam itself. But that’s the picture Right from the beginning of the yajna yagas, some disturbances started coming. Not knowing what to do, they sought refuge in Narada. Narada then advises that if Ganesha’s cool gaze is on the yaga, the rite will be completed without any disturbances. Not only did he give advice, he himself went to Kailasa and brought Lord Ganesha to the yagashala.

With Ganesha’s arrival there, all the obstacles to the sacrifice were removed. The sacrifice went on without interruption as witnessed by the three deities.

All the Saints praised Ganesha who had removed all their troubles. Appreciated by their devotion, Lord Ganesha promised to stay at that place and fulfil the desires of the devotees. So the Kunjavana of the time when Ganesha incarnated as Swayambhu is today’s Idagunji.

Idagunji Ganesha Temple Timings: 

Opening time: 06.00am-1.00pm

Closing time: 03.00pm-08.30pm

Pooja Timings

Morning Pooja: 8AM

Maha Pooja: 12PM  

Evening Pooja: 12PM

Abhisheka Timings:

Morning Abhisheka: 7:00 AM

Maha Abhisheka: 11:00 AM

Evening Abhisheka: 7:00 PM

Pooja & Sevas performed at Idagunji Temple:

Aarati – 5-00

Bagila Jatakan Pooja – 5-00

Chandan-abhisheka (5 pots) –  5-00

Modhaka Naivedya(Article extra) – 10-00

Panchamrata – 10-00

Trishati – 10-00

Doorvarchane – 15-00

Kumkumarchane – 15-00

Vahana Pooja – 15-00

Appane Cheeti – 20-00

Ashtottara Shatanama – 25-00

Rudrabhisheka – 25-00

Kalpokta Sahasranama – 50-00

Hoovina Pooja – 50-00

Phala Panchamrata – 50-00

Upanishat Parayana (21) – 50-00

Tulabhara – 100-00

Benne Alankara Seve (Bring Butter) – 100-00

Aksharabhyasa – 100-00

Sarvabharan Pooja – 300-00

Yearly Sankashti Seve – 300-00

Maha Pooja – 400-00

Ganahoma(1 Coconut) – 401-00

Satya Ganapathi Vratha – 401-00

Satyanarayana Vratha – 401-00

Shani Kathe – 401-00

Shashwatha Seve (Yearly 1 day) – 501-00

Vinayaka Shanthi – 1,201-00

Shani Shanthi – 1,201-00

Nityananda Deepa (1 Year) – 1,500-00

Shashwatha Annadana Seve (Yearly 1 day) – 1,501-00

Sarvalankara Pooja – 1,501-00

Shashwatha Sankashti Seve – 2,000-00

Sankashti Udyapana Vrata (Special) – 3,001-00

Moolamantra ModakaHavana – 3,001-00

Sarva Seve of 1 day – 3,001-00

Upanishat Havana (By 4 Dravya) – 3,501-00

Navagraha Shanthi – 3,601-00

Upanishat Havana By Modaka) – 4,001-00

Shashwat Ganahavana / Satya Ganapati Vrata / Satyanarayana Vrata (Yearly 1 day) – 5,001-00

Festivals celebrated in Idagunji Temple:

Vinayaka Chaturthi

Sankashta Chaturthi



Maha Sivaratri

Address of Idagunji Temple:

Sri Vinayaka Temple, Idagunji

Honnavara, UttaraKannada district,

Karnataka, 581423, India

Accommodation at Idagunji Ganesha Temple:

Nearest Hotels to Idagunji

Aryana Guest House

Hotel Lavender Elite

Aryan Residency

Areca County Homestay

Sri Vinayaka Residency

Some more tourist places to visit near Idagunji Temple:

Other best tourist places like Murudeshwara (19km),  Apsarakonda (12km),  Gokarna (68km),  Honnavara (15km) and  Bhatkal (30km) are also worth seeing around Idagunji.

How to Reach Idagunji Temple:

Nearest Railway station and Bus Station is at Honnavara.  From there, Idagunji Vinayaka temple is just 20 kms away. From Honnavar autos and taxis are available to the Idagunji temple. The Nearest Airport is at Bangalore Airport.

 Idagunji Temple Official Website:

Idagunji Ganesha Temple Location:

Shri Vinayaka Devaru, Idagunji

Melina Idagunji, Honnavara (North Kanara) – 581423

Karnataka, India

Idagunji Ganesha Temple Contact number – (08387) 247227

Ganesha Temple Idagunji Photos:

Idagunji Ganesha Temple Timings

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