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Eklavya Temple – History, Location, Photos

Eklavya Temple:

The only Hindu temple in the entire world devoted to the Mahabharata character Ekalavya is the Ekalavya temple. It is situated in Gurugram, Haryana, India’s Khandsa village. It is situated above the location where Ekalavya severed his thumb and offered it to Guru Drona in the role of Guru Dakshina. In order to commemorate this great hero, his thumb was interred here, and a temple was later constructed on top of it.

Eklavya Temple History & Significance:

The Pandavas and Kauravas started receiving their training from Guru Dronacharya. Arjuna had received a guarantee from Drona that he would become the greatest archer of all time. Then one day Arjuna found a youngster by the name of Ekalavya who was much better than he was. He discussed Ekalavya with Drona. Drona unwillingly requested that Ekalavya amputate his right thumb, a crucial body part for archery, as Gurudakshina reminded him of his pledge (gift to the Guru). Following orders, Ekalavya removed his right thumb. According to legend, Ekalavya buried his thumb there.

In 1721, a wealthy villager erected a tiny Ekalavya temple there as a tribute to Ekalavya’s selfless act. The Gurugram Sanskritik Gourav Samiti now looks after it. Only the neighbourhood peasants go to the temple these days. Tourists and foreigners do not find it to be particularly well-liked. The Bhil people, who come to the temple in great numbers from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and other regions of India, likewise hold it in the highest regard.

The temple is close to several significant Mahabharata-related locations in Gurugram, including the Gurugram Bhima Kund (where Drona bathed), a Dronacharya temple, and a temple to Lord Shiva that the Pandavas constructed.

There is only one room in the temple, and it can accommodate two people at once. Also, the village Panchayat constructed a two-room Ekalavya Dharamshala to house any pilgrims who go to the shrine.

Ekalavya Temple Location:

Khandsa Rd, Khandsha, Sector 37, Gurugram, Haryana 122004

How to reach Ekalavya Mandir

Via Air: The Indira Gandhi International Airport is the ideal place to arrive at the Eklavya temple.

Via Train: The distance between Delhi Cantt Railway Station and the temple is about 19 kilometres.

Via Road: Because of a well-connected road network, the temple is easily reachable from some of Haryana’s largest cities.

Ekalavya Temple Photos:



ekalavya temple


ekalavya temple history

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