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Kopeshwar Temple- History, Timings, Hotels, Distance

Kopeshwar Temple:

The Kopeshwar Temple is located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra’s Khidrapur district. It is close to the Karnataka-Maharashtra border. On the banks of the Krishna River, it is an old & artistic city to the east of Kolhapur. Despite being Jain kings, the Silaharas constructed and renovated a number of Hindu temples, demonstrating their respect and love for all religions. Kopeshwar translates to angry Shiva.

Kopeshwar Temple History:

Karnataka-born Shilahara monarchs constructed the current temple. These were Rashtrakuta’s feudatories. In addition to the mythology, the town’s previous name, “Koppam,” may have been the source of the name. The town saw two significant battles. The first one happened in 1058 CE between Chola King Rajendra and Chalukya King Ahavamalla. The second Chola ruler, Rajendra Chola, was crowned there after the fight, which resulted in the death of the first king, Rajadhiraja Chola.

King Bhoj-II of Shilahara and King Singhan-II of Devagiri Yadav engaged in a second battle during which King Bhoj-II was taken prisoner by the Yadavas and imprisoned in the Panhala fort. The inscription from 1213 CE located next to the temple’s south gate describes this incident. The Kolhapur branch of the Shilaharas was defeated in this conflict, ending their power.

Only a few of the around a dozen inscriptions on the inside and outside of this temple are in decent shape right now. Few kings’ and their officers’ names are revealed in these inscriptions. With the exception of one, all of these inscriptions are written in Kannada. The only Devanagari writing inscribed in Sanskrit is by Singhan-II and is found on the exterior wall close to the temple’s south entrance.

Legend of Kopeshwar Mandir:

It is supposed that Daksha held a Yagna but did not invite the pair since he did not like his youngest daughter Sati marrying Lord Shiva. On Shiva’s Arrival, Sati went to her father’s residence to confront him. In front of the Yagna’s guests, Dakhsa insulted her. Sati immolated herself in the Yagna fire because she could take no more taunts. Lord Shiva was furious when he learned about it. He severed Daksha’s head as a kind of punishment. After Lord Vishnu had calmed Shiva, he replaced Daksha’s lost head with a goat’s head.Lord Vishnu summoned the enraged Shiva here in order to calm him down. As a result, the shrine was given the unique name Kopeshwar (wrathful god). When Sati rode the Nandi while visiting her parents’ house, this explains why Lord Vishnu is in the temple as a ling alongside Shivling and why Nandi is not present in this temple.

Kopeshwar Temple Architecture:

There are four sections to the complete temple. Antaral kaksha, Swargamandapa, Sabhamandapa, and Garbha gruha. The entryway of the Swargamandapa has an open top. It has a conical sanctum. Beautiful carvings of gods and secular figures can be found on the façade. The temple’s base is supported by elephant statues. First, we notice Vishnu (Dhopeshwar) and Shivaling facing the north in the interior. Yet, there isn’t a distinct Temple for Nandi. Separate Actor-Pendal, also known as Swarga Mandap, is lovely. It features a hall, antique pillars, god carvings, and male and female artists in various attitudes.Unmatched carvings can be found on the semi-circular ceiling. The entire “Shivaleelamrit” is etched on the outside. A beautiful example of old sculpture is found at the Kopeshwara, a historic and artistic temple located on the bank of the Krishna. Shilahara constructed it in the 11th or 12th century. Unmatched carvings can be found on the semi-circular ceiling. A statue of Vishnu (Dhopeshwar) and the Shivling “Kopeshwar” facing north can be found inside. There isn’t a separate Mandir for Nandi. Old pillars, carvings of gods, a separate actor-pendal, a hall, male-female artists in various stances, and carvings of gods are all beautiful. The only Shiva temple in India featuring a Vishnu idol is this one.

Kopeshwar Temple Timings:

The timings of the kopeshwar temple are 7:00 am to 11:30 am and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Kopeshwar Temple Location: 

Kopeshwar Temple, Khidrapur, Maharashtra 416108

How to reach Kopeshwar Temple:

Kolhapur Railway Station / S.T. Bus Depot in Kolhapur city is the closest station and bus stop.

Between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 noon, state transportation buses also conduct the 1-hour route from Kurundwad (Kolhapur) to Khidrapur.

Khidrapur is 18 kilometres from Kurundwad and may be reached there in 20 to 25 minutes.

kopeshwar temple to kolhapur distance – 1 hr 26 min (60.5 km) via Hupari Borgao Rd

Kopeshwar Temple distance from Sangli – 1 hr 9 min (40.6 km) via SH 75

Kopeshwar temple to pune distance – 5 hr 24 min (266.7 km) via NH 48 and Mumbai – Satara Highway

places to visit near khidrapur kopeshwar temple:

Shri Siddhagiri Math

Rankala Lake

Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary

Tilari Falls

Binkhambi Ganesh Mandir

Hotels near Kopeshwar Temple:

Sayaji Kolhapur

Veeksar The Fern, Kolhapur

Citrus Hotel Kolhapur

Hotel Atria

Kopeshwar Temple Images:

Kopeshwar Temple distance


Kopeshwar Temple history


Kopeshwar Temple timings


Kopeshwar Temple

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