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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore

Best Places to Visit in Bangalore:

Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city located in the southern part of India. It is known for its pleasant weather, rich culture, and bustling lifestyle. The city has a lot to offer for tourists, from historical landmarks to lush green gardens. Here are some of the best places to visit in Bangalore:

  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden
  • Cubbon Park
  • Bangalore Palace
  • Wonderla
  • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace
  • Bannerghatta National Park
  • Bangalore Fort
  • St. Mary’s Basilica

Lalbagh Botanical Garden: Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a lush green garden located in the heart of the city. It is spread over 240 acres and has a wide variety of exotic plants, trees, and flowers. The garden also houses a glasshouse, which is a replica of the Crystal Palace in London.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Cubbon Park: Cubbon Park is another beautiful park located in the center of Bangalore. It is spread over 300 acres and is home to many indigenous and exotic plants. The park also houses the Bangalore Aquarium and a number of statues of famous personalities.


Bangalore Palace: Bangalore Palace is a magnificent palace built by the Wodeyar dynasty in the 19th century. It is designed in the Tudor style of architecture and is a popular tourist destination. The palace has a beautiful interior with intricate carvings and is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Bangalore Palace

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace: Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is a historic palace located in the heart of Bangalore. It was built in 1791 and is an excellent example of Islamic architecture. The palace houses a number of artifacts and relics from the time of Tipu Sultan.

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace

Bannerghatta National Park: Bannerghatta National Park is a popular wildlife sanctuary located on the outskirts of Bangalore. It is home to a number of wild animals, including tigers, lions, and elephants. The park also has a butterfly park, a zoo, and a safari park.

annerghatta National Park

ISKCON Temple: The ISKCON Temple is a beautiful temple located in the Rajajinagar area of Bangalore. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is designed in the traditional style of temple architecture. The temple has beautiful carvings and is surrounded by lush green gardens.


Bangalore Fort: Bangalore Fort is a historic fort located in the heart of the city. It was built by Kempegowda in the 16th century and has been renovated several times over the years. The fort has a beautiful entrance gate and a number of ancient temples.

Bangalore Fort

St. Mary’s Basilica: St. Mary’s Basilica is a beautiful church located in the Shivaji Nagar area of Bangalore. It is one of the oldest churches in the city and is known for its beautiful architecture and stained glass windows.

St. Mary's Basilica

Nandi Hills: Nandi Hills, located about 60 km from Bangalore, is a popular tourist destination known for its breathtaking views and serene surroundings. It is a hill station situated at an altitude of 1,478 meters above sea level and is a favorite weekend getaway for people living in Bangalore.

One of the main attractions of Nandi Hills is the Nandi Fort, which was built by Tipu Sultan in the 18th century. The fort has two gateways, Delhi Gate and Mysore Gate, and has a secret escape route that was used by Tipu Sultan to escape from the British.

Nandi Hills

Wonderla: Wonderla, located in Bangalore, is one of the most popular amusement parks in India. Spread over an area of 82 acres, Wonderla offers a range of thrilling rides and attractions that cater to people of all ages.

The park has over 60 rides, including roller coasters, water rides, and thrill rides. Some of the most popular rides at Wonderla include the Recoil, a high-speed roller coaster that reaches speeds of up to 80 km/h, and the Equinox, a ride that swings riders to a height of 17 meters.

Apart from rides, Wonderla also offers a range of other attractions, including laser shows, dance performances, and magic shows. The park also has a variety of food and beverage options, including fast food, restaurants, and cafes.

Wonderla bangalore

In conclusion, Bangalore is a city with a rich history and culture. It has a lot to offer for tourists, from beautiful gardens to historic landmarks. The above mentioned places are some of the best places to visit in Bangalore and are a must-visit for anyone planning a trip to the city.


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