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Jatoli Shiv Temple – History, Timings, Distance, Salon

Jatoli Shiv Temple – Jatoli, Solan

The Jatoli Shiv Temple is located at the top of a Jatoli hill, this temple is a grand and magnificent temple to visit in Solan in Himachal Pradesh. The temple got its name from the long ‘jata’ which means the ‘hair’ of Shiva. It is said to be the tallest Shiva temple in Asia. This temple is famous for its unique and wonderful sculpture. It is one of the most popular holy destinations that attracts a huge number of pilgrims and tourists from all over the country.

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Jatoli Temple History:

Jatoli Shiv Temple was established in 1008 by Swami Krishnananda Paramahamsa Maharaj. It is said that Sri Swami Krishnanand Paramahamsa came to Jatoli in 1950. And he started the temple construction work in 1974. It has been many years since the Inca temple was built, but the work is still going on. The temple at Jatoli was established in 1973 by Swami Krishnananda Paramahamsa who died in 1983. After Sri Swami Krishnanand ji took Samadhi then the temple management committee continued the construction of this temple and it is said that the temple works didn’t end.

Architectural Significance of Jatoli Temple

Jatoli Shiv temple architecture is in a typical style of Indo Aryan and the top tower is rounded with a curved outline. The apex of such a temple is decorated with a golden urn. Later the temple was slightly altered in Dravidian style. The temple is built with three rows of pyramids. The upper part of the temple structure is called Shikhar. The pyramids were built in ascending order of height. The second part of the temple is called Vimana, which is slightly lower than the Shikhar Pyramid. On the base of the first pyramid, Ganesha is seated, while on the second pyramid is the sculpture of Sheshnag. On the base of the third pyramid a trident is placed separately on each side.

Apart from Ganesha on the top pyramid, Shesh Nag on the second pyramid and Trishul on the third pyramid, there are also sculptures of many gods and goddesses on the front and side of the temple. The spire of the temple stands at a height of 111 feet at the core of the pyramid and thus makes it the tallest temple in Asia. This temple took about 39 years to build and now, it remains one of the most important and sacred temples in Indian history.

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Jatoli shiv temple timings :

6.00 am – 7.00 pm

Mahashivratri celebrations

Mahashivratri celebrations are held annually in this ancient temple. Not only local people but also many devotees from nearby places flock to participate in these festivals.

Jatoli Shiv Temple Address

Village Jatoli, Temple Road, Rajgarh Rd, PO,

Shamti, Solan, Himachal Pradesh – 173212

Other Attractions in Solan

  • Mohan Shakti Heritage Park
  • Krishna Bhagavan Temple
  • The Dagshai Jail Museum
  • Shoolini Mata Temple
  • Kuthar Fort

How to Reach Jatoli Shiva Temple, Salon

Jatoli Shiva temple is located in Jatoli village near Solan in Himachal pradesh. There are different modes of transportation to reach Jatoli Shiva temple,

By Road : The temple can be easily reached by road. It is well connected by road networks. Solan is the nearest town from there the temple is just 10kms away. From there it is easy to reach the temple by hiring a taxi or bus.

By Air : The Nearest Airport to Jatoli Shiva temple is Chandigarh International Airport which is about 55 kms away. From the Airport Buses, cabs are available to reach Jatoli.

By Train : The Nearest Railway station is Kalka Railway station which is about 45 kms away from the Jatoli Shiva temple.

Kalka to Jatoli Shiv mandir distance – 1 hr 43 min (47.1 km) via Kalka – Shimla Rd

Chandigarh to Jatoli Shiv mandir distance – 2 hr 45 min (72.8 km) via NH 5

Ludhiana to Jatoli Shiv mandir distance – 3 hr 56 min (184.0 km) via NH 44 and NH 5

Dharamshala to jatoli shiv mandir distance – 7 hr 37 min (274.4 km) via NH503

Jatoli Shiv Mandir Photos:

Jatoli Shiv Temple

Jatoli Shiv Temple salon


jatoli shiv temple timings

Jatoli temple


Jatoli Temple History

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