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Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple – Mandapalli Temple – Timings, History, Sevas, Accommodation, Images

Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple:

Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple(Mandapalli Shani Temple) is 38 kilometers from Rajahmundry, 60 kilometers from Kakinada and 30 kilometers from Amalapuram.

Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple

Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple History:

Mandapalli Temple History It was the holy ashram of sage Dhadhichi Maharshi in the days of old.This Dadhichi hermit made a supreme sacrifice by giving his precious spinal card for the powerful and strong arm popularly known as Lord Indra’s Vajrayudha. It was used to destroy killer asuraas.

The weapons which the eight suras wielded in the eight directions called ashtadikpalakas destroyed countless ghostly demons. Some other demons called Aswadha and Pippale invaded the area under reference to avenge the death of these demons and caused untold havoc.

Finally in the presence of ‘Lord Sani’ the son of the Sun God, the revered hermit ‘Agasta’ residing in South India obliging the prayers of the people and their King assured them of the death of these giants. They also prayed to Sani Deva to protect them by putting an end to these “Aswadha and Pippala” horrible creatures.

Sani made up his mind to destroy, and destroyed, the creatures he had to fight a long year’s war for. He installed an idol of ‘King Siva’ here as a result of that glorious victory. This Sivalinga installation was appropriate for the atoning of the sins of the Kings belonging to the Kasyapa dynasty.

After that, Sani proclaimed that everyone who worships this Linga will be blessed by offering the beloved gingelly oil etc. He further said he would reward these devotees by obviating all the evils that befall them because of the Satru curse. Lord Eswara is popularly known as Saneswara or Mandeswara for this reason. And people are offering gingelly items that are dear to Sani who’s the dietitian here.

Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple Timings:

Mandapalli Temple Timings are:

Sunday – Friday:

Morning – 5.00 am to 12.00 pm

Evening: 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm


Morning – 4.00 am to 01.00 pm

Evening: 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple Accommodation:

No guest house accessible except Yatri-Nivas small family portion constructed jointly by 15 people without any equipment. The Donor’s use it each month for their stay in Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple on a holiday.

Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple Sevas List:

Masasivarathri Pooja: In Temple Devasthanam performed the Masasivarathri Pooja. Interested devotees can pay Rs.200/- to perform pooja via online.

Santhi Kalyanam: Devotees are expected to perform Santhi Kalyanam after Tailabhisekham or Mandapalli Saneeswara Swamy Temple Poojas, Devotees can pay Rs.516/- to perform Santhi Kalyanam on-line.

Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple Annadanam:

The Sri Mandeswara Swamy Temple Mandapalli has started Annadanam on Saturdays for devotees from different places.

Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple Address:

Sri Mandeswara Swamy Temple Mandapalli,

Mandapalli (V),

Kothapeta Mandal,

East Godavari District.

Pin- 533 238

Mandapalli Shani Temple Contact Number: 08855-243208

Vijayawada to Mandapalli Temple: 3 h 16 min (161.7 km) via NH16

Tanuku to Mandapalli Distance: 44 min (32.5 km) via NH16

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Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple Images / Mandapalli Temple Images:

Mandapalli Saneeswara Temple Timings

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