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Tripuranthakam – Bala Tripurasundari – Temple, Timings, History, Accommodation, Photos

Tripuranthakam Temple:

Tripuranthakam Temple (Tripurantakeswara Swamy & Bala Tripurasundari) is located in Tripuranthakam is a town in the Indian country of Andhra Pradesh, Prakasam District. Tripurantakam is situated 40 kilometers from the closest cities of Markapur & Vinukonda, 93 kilometers from Ongole and about 150 kilometers from Vijayawada. It’s on the path from Guntur to Srisailam. Here you will find a renowned temple devoted to Sri Tripurantakeswara Swamy. The temple is on top of a mountain.

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Tripuranthakam Temple History:

There’s a Tripurantakam temple legend. With the assistance of Goddess Sri Bala Tripura Sundari at this location, Lord Shiva murdered demons called Thripurasuras. Shivaratri & Navaratri festivals are very popular here with individuals visiting this temple from the nearby cities.

Shiva has demolished Tripurasuras (or, demons ruling three towns) here, according to Shiva Purana. Shiva was named “Tripuranthakeswara” after his destruction of the demons and the three towns they inhabited, and the place was named “Tripuranthakam”. The swamy temple of Sri Pravathi sahita Tripurantakeswara is on top of the mountain and houses from the temple premises a secret subterranean passage to Srisailam. The Bala Thripura Sundari temple is situated below the mountain inside a pond. Adiparasakthi’s first incarnation is Tripurantaka Bala Tripurasundari Devi (swayambhu). In the form of a little girl, she is thought to be residing there.

The temple of Bala Tripurasundari is about 2 kms downhill from the temple of Tripurantakeshwara. Devi temple is situated in the middle of a tank and is surrounded by water during rainy days.

Tripurantakam places to see:

There are many locations in these shrines, such as Kadamba Vruksham, Siddi Gruha, Sri chakram, Aparajeswara Temple, and there are some shrines near Lord Siddi Ganapathi, Goddess Parvathi Temple made of stones, etc.

Tripuranthakam Bala Tripura Sundari Temple Timings: 

Tripuranthakam temple timings are

Morning: 7:00AM to 1:00PM

Break: 1:00PM to 2:30PM

Afternoon: 2:30PM to 6:30PM

Tripuranthakam Temple Accommodation:  

Akhila Bharatha Nityannada choultry  is available for accommodation near temple.

  Room Rent (Non-A/C) :    Rs. 400/- (Per day)

    Room Rent (A/C)        :    Rs. 800/- (Per Day)

    Double cot and Single cot with AC (Room No: 2)        :    Rs. 1000/- (Per Day)

The rooms during Pournami, Dasara and Maha Sivaratri should be pre-booked. Piligrims can pay complete or half of the sum online (NETT or Cheque Transfer, Rs.60/- Extra by money Payement) for Advance Booking and should advise the Choultry without fail. Call: 9966250595.

Tripuranthakam Temple Pooja Tickets:

At Swamy Temple: Darsanam : Rs.5/-            Gotranamarchana : Rs. 58/-

                            Abhishekam : Rs. 116/-      Rudrabhishekam : Rs.250/-

                             Vahana Pooja: Rs.50/-      Thalaneelalu: Rs.10/-

At Devi Temple: Darsanam : Rs.5/-                 Gotranamarchana : Rs. 58/-

                        Kumkumarchana : Rs. 350/-    Chandi homam : Rs.1,116/-

                        Vahana Pooja: Rs.50/-            Thalaneelalu: Rs.10/-

                        Chinna Mastha Devi Pooja : Rs. 1,116/-


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Tripuranthakam Temple AddressTripuranthakam Temple Prakasam District, Tripuranthakam, Andhra Pradesh 523326

vijayawada to tripurantakam distance: 3 h 11 min (170.2 km) via NH16 and SH 50

tripurantakam to srisailam distance: 2 h 10 min (93.9 km) via SH 50 and NH765

tripurantakam to hyderabad distance: 5 h 36 min (254.2 km) via NH565 and Nagarjuna Sagar Rd

tripurantakam to kurnool distance: 4 h (174.7 km) via SH 50

vinukonda to tripurantakam distance: 46 min (36.0 km) via SH 50

tripuranthakam to markapur distance: 56 min (42.9 km) via SH 50 and NH565

Tripuranthakam Temple Photos: 

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