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Amararama Temple – Amaravati Temple – History, Timings, Accommodation

Amararama Temple:

Amararama is one of the five Pancharama Kshetras that Hindu god Shiva finds sacred. The Amararama temple is in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, in the town of Amaravathi in the Guntur district. Lord Shiva is referred to as Amareswara Swamy or Amaralingeswara Swamy in this temple. The Amaravati temple is located on the Krishna River’s southern bank. Bala Chamundika is Lord Amareswara Swamy’s consort.

Since the Sivalinga is so tall here, the archakas mount a pedestal platform on which they conduct regular rituals and Abhisheka. A red stain covers the surface of the Linga. It is said that Sivalinga was growing in size and that a nail was pounded into the top of the Sivalinga to stop it from growing even larger. It appears that when the nail entered the Linga, blood began to ooze from the Sivalinga.


Amararama Temple History:

Amaravathi shiva lingam story – King of Chintapalli and later Dharanikota, Vasireddy Venkatadri Naidu, was a great devotee of Amareswara. He restored and enlarged the temple. According to legend, when the King had to put down a revolt in his territory, he had to resort to a massacre of the Chenchus, which caused him to lose his mental peace, which he only recovered when he came to Amaravati. In 1796, he moved from Chintapalli to Amaravati and dedicated his entire life, time, and money to the construction of temples for Lord Siva.

He renovated the Amareswara Swamy temple in this area, hired nine learned archakas to perform the Lord’s regular archana, and provided them with everything they needed to survive, including 12 acres (49,000 m2) of land each. He is primarily responsible for the present condition of the temple.

According to legend, the demon king Tarakasura defeated the gods after receiving a boon from Lord Shiva. The gods came to live here after Shiva promised to destroy the demons, and the place became known as Amaravati. Lord Shiva is revered as Amareswara, along with his consort Bala Chamundika, the fourth of the 18 goddesses.


The Kota chiefs of Amaravati and Sri Krishnadevaraya, the great Vijayanagara emperor, are among the inscriptions on the walls of the Amaravati temple. An inscription has been left on a pillar in the Mukha Mandapa by the wife of Proli Nayudu, who was Kota King Ketaraja’s minister.


Amararama Temple


The Mahashivaratri, which falls on Magha Bahula Dasami, the Navaratri, and the Kalyanotsavam are the temple’s major festivals. Thus, Amaravati is a significant Kshetra, located at an especially sacred spot along the holy river Krishna, and is a consecrated place of worship in Hinduism.

The amararama temple is situated 40 kilometres from Guntur. The state-run APSRTC operates bus services to this temple from Guntur, Vijayawada, and Mangalagiri.

Amaravati Temple Timings:

Amaravathi Shiva Temple Timings:

Morning Darshan: 6 AM to 1 PM

Evening Darshan: 4 PM to 8 PM

Amaravathi Shiva Lingam Height: 31.4 m (103 ft)

Vijayawada to Amararamam: 1 hr 12 min (40.5 km) via Thullur – Amaravathi Rd

Amaravati Temple Official Website:

How to Reach Amararama Temple:

By Train: The closest train station to the Amaravathi Temple is Pedakurapadu Railway Station (PKPU). Guntur and Vijayawada are two other important rail hubs.

By Bus: Amaravathi and Guntur are served by APSRTC buses on a regular basis. Vijayawada, Guntur, Mangalagiri, and Hyderabad are all within easy driving distance of Amaravathi.

Amararama Temple Accommodation: 15 amaravathi devasthanam rooms are available in temple premises. There is no amaravati temple rooms booking online system. Apart from temple rooms, a lot of hotels are available to stay.

Amaravathi Amaralingeswara Temple Address:

Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple,

Amaravathi Town & Mandalam,

Guntur District,

Andhra Pradesh – 522020

Office Phone: 08645 -255241


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