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Vedadri – Narasimha Swamy, Temple, Timings, History, Images

Vedadri Temple :
Vedadri Temple is an important shrine of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy that flourished on the holy banks of the Krishna River. Vedadri Narasimha Temple is only 10 kilometers from ‘chillakallu’ on National Highway No.9, which connects Vijayawada and Hyderabad.

Vedadri Temple History :

According to the “Bramhand Purana,” Somaksura, a demon of yore, stole the four Vedas from Lord Bramha and hid himself in the ocean. Lord Bramha then went to his father, Lord Srimannarayana Murthy, and pleaded for the restoration of the Vedas. In ‘Matsyavathara’ (Fish), Lord Srimannarayana Murthy entered the Ocean, killed the demon Somakasura, and returned with the Vedas intact. The Vedas, in human form, thanked the Lord for his kind gesture in saving them and prayed for him to stay on their heads. Thereupon, the Lord graciously granted their request, but only after killing another demon, Hiranya Kasapa, and saving his son Prahalda.The Lord also promised the Vedapurushas that he would remain with them only as panchamurthy. So the Lord instructed them to remain in the river Krishnaveni as Saligrama mountain until such time as they wished. Krishnaveni also prayed to the Lord to allow her to worship him every day, and the Lord granted her the boon. He assured the Vedapurshas that both prayers would be granted at the same time. The Lord’s request resulted in the Veda purashas remaining in Krishnaveni as Saligrama mountain.


Later, the Lord incarnated himself as ‘Narasimha,’ killed the mighty demon Hiranya Kasapa, and served Prahalda, and has since remained as Jwala Narasimha on the mountain top at Vedadri in fulfillment of the Veda Purushas’ inclination. Lord Bramha then requested Jwala Narasimha to stay in Sathya Loka as Saligrama Narasimha, so the Lord went to Sathya Loka as Saligrama Narasimha at Lord Bramha’s request. But, even before Brahma could offer his worship to the Lord in Sathya Loka, the Satya Loka was consumed in flames.Lord Brahma then personally brought Saligrama Narasimha Murthy to the Krishnaveni River and erected the Saligrama Murthy on Saligrama Mountain. Thus, Lord Laxmi Narasimha Swamy, the incarnation of Lord Srimannarayana, simultaneously fulfilled the desires of both Veda purushas and the river Krishnaveni.

Later, at the request of Rishis like Rishya Srugna and kingas like Mann, the Lord stayed in the middle of the mountain as Yogananda Narasimha Swamy, at the request of the Garudas, as Veera Narasimha, and at the request of Vana Devatha, as Laxmi Narasimha Murthy. Thus, the presence of all devatas who descended from the heavens to worship the Lord who endowed the mountain with several holy spirits sanctifies this holy place. Suta Mahamuni revealed the facts to Sownaka and others who praised the location of Pancha Narasimha Murthy.

The Lord resides as Jwala Narasimha on Vedasikhara of the mountain, as Saligrama Narasimha in the river Krishnaveni, as Yogananda Narasimha, having been erected by Sage Rishya Srunga, and as Laxmi Narasimha Swamy in his own peetam. Lord Sreemannarayana has taken the form of Veera Narasimha on the Garudadri, which is located 5 kilometers east of Vedadri.

Vedadri Temple Timings

1) 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM

2) 8:30 AM to 1:00 pm

3) 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM

4) 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Vedadri Temple Free Darshan Timings :

Every day from 6.30 a.m. to 7.30 a.m., in the afternoon from 12.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m., and in the evening from 7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m there is free darshan.

Vedadri Narasimha Swamy Temple  Pooja Information:

 S.No                 Puja/Seva Name                                        Cost (Rs)                                                             

  1.       Settu Pujalu (Morning 11.00 AM)  – 100/-
  2.       Thulasi Kunkuma Sahasranamarchana (Evening 7.00 PM) – 50/-
  3.       Thulasi Kunkuma Astothara Namarchana – 25/-
  4.       Prathyeka Archana – 50/-
  5.       Darshanam – 5/-
  6.       Kesakhandana – 10/-
  7.       Annaprasana – 100/-
  8.       Nakshatra harathi  – 100/-
  9.       Vahana Puja (Lory, Tractor, Car & Jeep) – 200/-
  10.     Two Wheeler Vehicles Puja – 50/-
  11.     Vivaham – 500/-
  12.     Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham – 100/-
  13.     Diksha Pradikshanalu – 100/-
  14.     Ganda deepam / Akshara byasam  – 50/-
  15.     Pillavani Velam pata – 100/-
  16.     Chavulam – 50/-
  17.     Bhoganivedana (per 1 kg) (Pulihora, Chakrapongali, Daddojanam, Ksheerannam & Panakam) 10/-
  18.     Saswatha Puja (yearly once) – 1116/-
  19.     Abhisekam (Sivalayam) – 20/-
  20.     Navagraha Pujalu – 20/-
  21.     Sthalapuranam – 20/-
  22.     Garuda, Hanumantha, Aswa, Gaja, Sesha, Hamsa-Chaluva Chapra etc Sevalu – 300/-
  23.     Pallaki Seva – 200/-
  24.     Pavalimpu Seva – 200/-
  25.     Pouju Seva – 300/-
  26.     Sri Swamy Vari Santhi Kalyanam – 650/-

Festivals at Vedadri Narasimha Swamy Temple :

1) Ugadi

2) Brhammotsavamulu, Sri Swamy Vari Thirukkalyana Mahotsavam.

3) Tholi Ekadasi

4) Pavitrotsavamulu

5) Samee Puja

6) Kartheeka Pournami

7) Dhanurmasam, Dhanu Sankranthi

8) Mookkoti Ekadasi


10) Mahanyasapurvaka Ekadasa

11) Rudraabhisekam (Samuhika)

12) Sri Parvathi Sametha Visweswara Swamy Vari Kalyanam

13) Dolotsavam

14) Sri Parvathi Sametha Visweswara Swamy Vari Prathyeka Abhisekam (Samuhika)

Vedadri Temple Accommodation : The devasthanam has two options for providing lodging for visiting pilgrims. 

Vedadri Temple Website :

Name of the Choultry  Non A.C. Rooms

New Choultry –                          10

TTD Building –                           6

TTD Building –                           2 halls

How to reach vedadri narasimha temple :

Via Road : There are direct buses from Vijayawada and Jagayyapeta. To reach the Temple, private vehicles such as auto rickshaws and private taxis are available from Chillakallu and Jagayyapeta.

Via Train : Mellacheruvu Railway Station 32.6 km via Jaggaiahpeta Vedadri Road Jaggayyapet Town Railway Station 14.1 km via Jaggaiahpeta Vedadri Road

From Madhira Railway Station, it is 40.4 km via Chillakallu Vedadri Bandipalem Konakanchi Road; from Motumari Railway Station, it is 36.5 km via Chillakallu Vedadri Bandipalem Konakanchi Road.

Via Air : The nearest airport is Vijayawada International Airport, which is 93.8 kilometers away from Vedadri Sri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple.

Vedadri Temple Address : Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami, Vedadri, Chillakallu, Jaggaiahpeta, Krishna District,

Andhra Pradesh. Pincode – 521457

hyderabad to vedadri distance : vedadri temple distance from hyderabad is 3 hr 50 min (219.9 km) via NH65.

vedadri temple distance from vijayawada : 1 hr 34 min (78.9 km) via NH65

Vedadri Temple Images :

vedadri temple

 vedadri narasimha swamy temple

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