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Dewri Mandir – History, Timings, Distance, Photos, Ranchi (Jharkhand)

Dewri Mandir – Ranchi: 

Dewri Mandir is a temple in the Indian state of Jharkhand’s Diuri village, Tamar, close to Ranchi. The Tata-Ranchi Highway is not far from it. The 700-year-old Kali murti of the Goddess Durga is this historic mandir’s primary attraction. Murtis have 16 hands (Goddess Durga often has 10 hands). It was refurbished a few years ago, and it is an old Mandir. Without utilising chalk or other binding materials, the ancient mandir was built by interlocking stones.In tribal Bhumij Munda languages, this temple is also referred to as Mata Dewri Diri.

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For the accomplishment of their wishes, worshippers at the temple tie sacred threads in the colours of yellow and red to bamboo. When their wishes come true, they return to the shrine and untie the thread. A bit outside of Ranchi’s main city is the Dewri Mandir temple, which is dedicated to Solha Bhuji Goddess, an avatar of Goddess Durga. This historic Ranchi temple, which spans over two acres, also contains an idol of Lord Shiva. According to legend, anybody who has attempted to change the design of this temple has been punished by the gods.The Dewri Temple is also thought to be the only temple in which six tribal priests, called Pahans, participate in rites and make prayers alongside Brahmin priests, most of whom go by the moniker Panda. This temple sits on the right side of the Ranchi-Tata road, heading towards the town of Tamar, some 60 kilometres from Ranchi.

Legend of Maa Dewri Temple:

According to legend, Kera, an Adivasi monarch, constructed this Dewri Mandir. This Mandir is thought to be 700 years old. It is believed that King Kera, a Munda king of Singhbhum, founded this shrine in the year 1300. According to legend, the monarch founded and constructed this Mandir as he was returning from a war he had won. He built this temple right here, and thanks to the goddess Ma (Mother) Kali, he was able to regain his former status.

The king of this area used to get visits from Chamru pandas (Brahmin) twice a year, according to an ancient legend. They began to reside here when the king requested that they do puja there. These Brahmins were performing tapasya in the forest one day when the goddess paid them a visit and expressed her desire to speak with them. The episode was related to the monarch by the Brahmins. A black stone was discovered while the King was clearing the grounds around this temple. After returning home exhausted from their work, the labourers observed that a mandir had been built nearby and returned the following day to finish their task.

This temple is dedicated to Maa Deudi Devi. Maa Kali is Devadi Maa. The deity’s three-foot-tall Murti has 16 arms. The deity is cradling a bow, a shield, a flower, and a param. The Murti of Deori Maa wear a variety of gold jewellery.Dewri devi is another name for this deity.

Dewri Mandir Timings

The opening and closing timings of dewri temple is 5.00 am to 8.30 pm

Dewri Mandir Location:

Maa Dewri Mandir, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001

Dewri Mandir Distance:

Ranchi to Deori Mandir Distance – 1 hr 12 min (64.2 km) via NH 43

Kantatoli to Deori Mandir Distance – 1 hr 5 min (61.1 km) via NH 43

Jamshedpur to Deori Mandir distance – 1 hr 10 min (67.9 km) via NH 43

Deori Mandir to Dassam Falls distance – 47 min (40.1 km) via NH 43

Maa Dewri Mandir Photos:

maa Dewri Mandir ranchi


Dewri Mandir

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