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Natadreeswarar Temple – Timings, History, Tamilnadu

Natadreeswarar Temple, Tamilnadu:

The Natadreeswarar Temple, also known as Nattatreeswarar Temple, is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva. Situated on a hillock island amidst the River Kaveri, it is located near Erode, off the Erode-Karur Highway. This sacred site is positioned approximately halfway between Kudagu and the Bay of Bengal at Kaveripoompattinam. The temple holds significance for its serene location, dedicated to worship and reverence of Lord Shiva.

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Natadreeswarar Temple History:

During the 10th century, the Chola kings were responsible for the construction of the temple, dedicating it to Agastheeswarar. Within the temple premises stands an Athee tree, which followers believe to be around 3000 years old. Thousands of devotees gather at this temple on Tamil New Year’s Day to offer their prayers and seek blessings from the deity. It remains a significant occasion where worshippers flock to seek divine blessings and participate in the rituals and prayers.

According to the legend, to eliminate any kind of doshas (imbalances), the sage Agasthiar created a lingam out of sand and placed it on the hillock in the middle of the River Cauvery. This lingam was adorned with his Rudhratcha Malai and Agasthiar sat in deep meditation there.

It was believed that Agasthiar’s meditation would be disturbed at the break of the new year. On the first day of Chithirai, which is the Tamil New Year’s Day, Agasthiar was stirred from his meditation and attempted to remove his Rudhratcha Malai from the Lingam. However, at that moment, he heard the divine voice of Lord Shiva, advising him not to disrupt the sanctity of the site. Shiva revealed that he had come not only to bless Agasthiar but also all his devotees and anyone who visited and worshipped there.

Consequently, Lord Shiva established himself on the hillock.

Later, Agasthiar journeyed south to fulfil his designated tasks. He created an herbal tablet that granted him the ability to appear wherever he desired. Using this power, he returned to the hillock, where he was warmly welcomed and blessed by Lord Muruga.

Natadreeswarar Temple Timings:

The timings for visiting the Natadreeswarar Temple are as follows:

Monday to Saturday:

Morning: 7 am to 12:30 pm

Evening: 4 pm to 6 pm


Morning: 7 am to 12 pm

Evening: 4 pm to 6 pm

These timings indicate the hours when the temple is open for devotees to visit, worship, and offer their prayers.

Erode Shiva Temples

Thindal Murugan Temple: While primarily a Murugan temple, it also features a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Periya Mariamman Temple: This temple complex also includes a shrine for Lord Shiva among its various deities.

Thindal Malai Kovil: This temple complex includes shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva and other Hindu deities.

Thindal Easwarar Temple: A smaller temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in the Thindal area of Erode.

Natadreeswarar Temple Address:

Shri Nattatreeshwarar Temple, Kangayampalayam, Tamil Nadu 637210

Natadreeswarar temple contact number – 098427 32004

How to reach Natadreeswarar Temple:

The distances between the temple and Erode are 15 KM, Coimbatore is 112 KM, and Chennai is 420 KM.

Erode is the closest railway station.

Natadreeswarar Temple Photos:

Natadreeswarar Temple distance

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