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Ainavilli – Vinayaka , Temple, History, Timings, Images, Accommodation

Ainavilli Siddhi Vinayaka Temple

Ainavilli Vinayaka Temple It is situated 72 km away from Kakinada. It is a land of pristine beauty that overflows with memory. Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy is dedicated to it. When their wishes are fulfilled, devotees take a vow to visit the temple again. It has two skillfully sculpted gopurams (towers) with tales and idols. The Vyasa Maharishi is said to have installed the Ganapathi statue.

Ainavilli Temple History:

According to the “KSHETRA PURANA” of this place that was supposed to have been written here, Daksha Prajapathi was supposed to have performed Lord Vinayaka’s puja in this place, praying and asking for the successful completion of Daksha Yagna.

According to another story, it is said that before beginning his tour of South India, Vyasa Maharshi installed a Ganapathi idol here, building the temple with magnificent gopurams and gateways. Built in a large, extended and uplifted area, this temple has two skillfully sculpted gopurams (towers) with tales and idols related to the temple’s deity. From two sides, i.e. from the south and from the east, you can access this temple.

One can approach the shrine of the presiding deity Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy from the south where it leads one and from the east one can approach Sri Vishveshwara Swamy. Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy, the presiding deity, was installed in a unique way, i.e. in the southwest corner facing the south. It is believed that it brings wealth and prosperity if one installs Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy facing in the southern direction.

Besides the shrine of the presiding deity Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy, there are also other shrines in this temple premises that have been installed and are located. Together with Sri Vishveshwara Swamy there is an Annapurna Devi shrine facing east.

Sri Keshava Swamy’s shrine, along with his consort Sri Bhoo Devi, is on the right side of this shrine. There is a shrine of Sri Annapurna Devi facing south on the left side of Annapurna Devi along with the shrine of Sri Vishveshwara Swamy. There is a Sri Kala Bhairava Swamy shrine facing east in the northeast corner of the temple, and it is the Kshetra Palaka.

Ainavilli Vinayaka Temple Timings:

Morning:  5 am – 1 pm

Evening: 3.30 pm – 8 pm

Ainavilli Temple Annadanam Timings:  Ainavilli Temple Annadanam held  on Every day afternoon time

Ainavilli Temple Homam Timings: Daily 11 am on words.only 54 deveotes allowed to do homam per day.

Ainavilli Temple Abhisekham Timings:  It will start 7:00 AM onwards everyday till 11:00 AM in normal days

Ainavilli Vinayaka Temple Accommodation: There is no accommodation in temple area. But, Hotels are available near temple.

Amalapuram – 10 K.M

Ravulapalem – 18 K.M

Rajahmundry Via Ravulapalem – 55 K.M

Kakinada via Yanam – 60 K.M

Ainavilli Vinayaka Temple Address: Ainavilli Mandalam Bhimavaram, Mukteswaram – Kothapeta Rd, Ainavilli, Andhra Pradesh 533211

Ainavilli Vinayaka Images:

Ainavilli Siddhi Vinayaka Temple

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