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Pamban Bridge – Rameswaram, History, Distance, Train, Images

Pamban Bridge History:

Pamban Bridge is a railway bridge that connects Mandapam on the Indian mainland with Pamban Island and Rameswaram. It was India’s first sea bridge when it opened on February 24, 1914, and it was the longest sea bridge in India until the Bandra-Worli Sea Link opened in 2010. The rail bridge is mostly a conventional bridge supported by concrete piers, but it has a double-leaf bascule section in the middle that can be raised to allow ships and barges to pass through. Until 1988, the Pamban bridge was the only means of connecting Tamil Nadu’s Rameswaram island to the mainland. This bridge’s bascule was damaged in December 2018, causing transportation to be suspended for three months.On February 27, 2019, rail service was resumed.

A road bridge parallel to the rail bridge was built in 1988. The Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge is another name for this road bridge. The Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge connects Rameswaram island to the National Highway (NH 49). It is located in the Palk Strait, between the shores of Mandapam (on the Indian mainland) and Pamban (one of the fishing towns on Rameswaram island). On October 2, 1988, it was inaugurated by then-Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. This 2.345-kilometer-long bridge took nearly 14 years to complete.

This bridge was constructed in 1914 to connect Rameshwaram Island to the rest of India.

The Pamban railway bridge connects the Indian mainland to Rameswaram Island across a 2.06 km wide strait. The bridge’s mainland end is located at 9°16′56.70′′N 79°11′20.12′′E. The bridge is located in a corrosive marine environment, making maintenance difficult. The area is also prone to cyclones and has high wind speeds.

The railway bridge is 12.5 metres (41 feet) above sea level and 6,776 feet (2,065 metres) long. The 143-pier bridge has a double-leaf bascule section with a Scherzer rolling type lift span that can be raised to allow ships to pass. Each lifting span half weighs 415 tonnes (457 tons). The bridge’s two leaves are opened manually with levers.

Pamban bridge distance:The 2.2 kilometre-long bridge connecting Rameshwaram Island and the mainland is India’s longest bridge built over a bay.

pamban bridge to rameshwaram distance: 23 min (13.3 km) via NH87

How long does it take to cross Pamban bridge?

The trains took about 15 minutes to cross the bridge.

pamban bridge train:

This bridge will be used by all trains heading to Rameshwaram.

1.) Express from Chennai Egmore to Rameshwaram.

2.) Kanyakumari to Rameshwaram express.

pamban bridge images:


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