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Ashtamsa Varadha Anjaneyar Temple – Peelamedu Anjaneyar Temple,Timings, History

Sri Ashtamsa Varadha Anjaneyar Temple – Peelamedu:

Sri Ashtamsa Varadha Anjaneyar temple is dedicated to the God Anjaneya (Hanuman).This Temple is located in Peelamedu ,Coimbatore, India. Anjaneya is worshipped as “Kaliyuga God ” by the people. In each age, God takes different incarnations. During this time (Kali Yuga) God incarnated as archavatara (idol form). Anjaneyar is Decorated in different Alankarams on every Saturday, which makes this temple unusual.

Ashtamsa Varadha Anjaneyar Temple Timings:

Sunday at 07:30 am–12:00 pm , 05:30–8:30 pm

Monday at 07:30 am–12:00 pm, 05:30–8:30 pm

Tuesday at 07:30 am–12:00 pm, 05:30–8:30 pm

Wednesday at 07:30 am–12 pm, 05:30–8:30 pm

Thursday at 07:30 am–12 pm, 05:30–8:30 pm

Friday at 07:30 am–12 pm, 05:30–8:30 pm

Saturday at 07:30 am–12 pm, 05:30–8:30 pm

Special Feature

The idol of Sri Anjaneyar is made of Salagrama Stone.

History of Peelamedu Anjaneyar Temple:

Urchava idols were worshipped in this temple before the construction of the temple. Haritasgiri, one of Gnanandagiri’s disciples, a devotee of the Vaikanasa lineage, ordered the idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya to be worshipped .After a few days Anjaneyar temple is seen at this place. At that time, install this idol in the temple and pray to them.

With his blessings Ashtamsha Varada Anjaneyar Temple was built near Avinashi Road, Peelamedu in Coimbatore District. On his orders, the idols and Salagramas were installed on the temple and a special installation ceremony (kumbabishekam) was held in the year 2004.

At that time Coimbatore went dry without rain for 4 years. So, during the 48 days of Mandal Puja, special pujas are performed for rain. After that, the people of Coimbatore enjoyed heavy rains, and the water bodies filled and overflowed due to the blessings of Anjaneyar.

Speciality of Peelamedu  Anjaneyar Temple:

Rajamani Pattacharyar said that Coimbatore Sri Ashtamsha Varada Anjaneya has eight types of specialties. That is why he is called Ashtamsha Anjaneyar.

  • He comforted the right-handed devotees by saying “Do not be afraid”.
  • Kathayudha on the left destroys anger, pride, greed and lust.
  • West face to bless people.
  • South facing feet destroys the fear of death.
  • Gubera side facing the tail helps the devotees to fully worship the tail and stay safe from the effects of Shani (Saturn).
  • Anjaneyar forms in the body of Shivalinga.
  • Thirumagal sits on the right hand side.
  • Sun & Moon as Anjaneyar’s eyes.

Peelamedu Anjaneyar Temple Festivals:

Six stages of pooja were performed daily on the basis of Vaikanasa Agama. On Saturday, Moola Nakshatra day special decorations and pooja were performed. Chithirai (Tamil month) first day, Puratasi Saturday, Markali 30 days, Thai first days, while Anjaneyar Jayanthi is celebrated as a special festival on Amavasya (new moon) of Margasira month. Pushpangi happens on that day. On Tamil New Year’s Day, the Deity is decorated with 10008 fruits.

On Puratasi Saturdays, Anjaneya is decorated with a vada mala (garland made of vada) with 10008 vadas. On the second Saturday, he is adorned with vermilion (Sindhuram), on the third Saturday with vanara (monkey) fur, on the fourth Saturday with Mutthangi Seva.

 Thais decorate sugar cane on the first day. We do not have enough eyes to see the wonderful Anjaneya. Apart from these, vennai cuppa (butter), and king makeovers are also made for Anjaneyar.

Sri Ashtamsa Varadha Anjaneyar Temple Location:

Avinashi Rd, Near Ramapadhuka hall,

Peelamedu, Coimbatore dist,

Tamil Nadu, 641004.

Peelamedu Anjaneyar temple contact number 094433 34624

Ashtamsa Varadha Anjaneyar Temple Photos:

Peelamedu Anjaneyar Temple Timings

Peelamedu Anjaneyar Temple

Ashtamsa Varadha Anjaneyar Temple

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