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Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple Asoda – History, Timings, Gujarat

Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple:

Hindu temple known as Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple is situated in Gujarat, India’s Mehsana district, in the Asoda hamlet of Vijapur Taluka. Locals refer to it as the Vaijnath Mahadev temple. Shiva is the main deity in the temple. Built in the 12th century, the temple. Sanctum, mandapa, and torana are its three main components.

Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple History:

The Asoda temple was constructed in the 12th century under Jayasimha Siddharaja, the Chaulukya king. The Archaeological Survey of India safeguards and maintains the temple as a Monument of National Importance.

Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple Architecture:

The Panchayatana (five-shrine) temple of Jasmalnathji Mahadev is a rare specimen from the time. The centre temple has survived, save for its samvarana roof, whereas the four corner shrines have been destroyed. It resembles the temple at Sander in elevation and plan but is larger. Mouldings and figures have been carved into the lateral sides of the staircase. The chatuski of the mandapa is ornamented in a vandanmalika style resembling that of the Rudra Mahalaya temple. The temple’s torana, or porch, is comparable to those of the Vadnagar and Limboji Mata temples in Delmal.

Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple Timings:

The opening and closing timings of Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple is 7.30 am – 8.30 pm

Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple Address:

Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple, Asoda, Gujarat 382830

How to reach Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple Gujarat?

The closest bus stop is in Kukarwada. Visnagar Station, the closest railway station. Airport closest to you is Ahmedabad airport.

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Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple Photos:

Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple


Jasmalnathji Mahadev Temple history

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