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Parvati Hill Temple – Timings, Museum, Distance, Maharashtra

Parvati Hill Temple:

A hillock in Pune, India is called Parvati Hill. 2,100 feet, or 640 meters, are reached by the hillock above sea level. Parvati Hill Temple is one of Pune’s most picturesque sites; it sits atop a hillside. Constructed during the Peshwa dynasty’s reign, the temple is the most ancient heritage building in Pune.

  1. Tulja Bhavani Temple
  2. Babulnath Temple
  3. Ballaleshwar Pali Temple

Travelers can also enjoy a broad perspective of Pune from Parvati Hill, which serves as an observation point. With Vetal Hill as its predecessor, it is Pune’s second highest peak. There are 108 stairs on the hill, which is thought to be a sacred number in Hinduism, that lead to the temple at the summit. Taware was the Patil who owned the hill. 

Parvati Hill Temple History:

Peshwa purchased the hill so he could erect a Shiva shrine. The Devi temple was thought to be that of Taware’s kulswami, whose angara had the power to heal Kashibai, Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao’s mother, of a leg disease. The Peshwa then constructed a series of temples there.

Blackstone is used to construct Devdeveshwara, the main temple. Under Balaji Baji Rao, it was finished in 1749, and in 1760, the temple received a gold pinnacle. Other temples honor Vishnu, Kartikeya, Vitthal, and Rukmini.

Parvati Hill Temple Timings:

The opening and closing timings of parvati temple is 5.00 am to 8.00 pm.

There are five temples atop Parvati Hill.

Shiva and Parvati at the Devdeveshwar Temple

Temple of Kartikeya

Temple of Vishnu

Temple Vitthal

Temple of Rama

In addition to more Surya (the sun) temples and Bhawani Mandir.

Parvati Hill Museum:

There’s the Peshwa Museum in addition to the temple. Weapons, coins, silverware, wooden furniture, palanquin transportation, and presents from the Peshwas’ era are all kept in the museum.

This is also the location of Balaji Baji Rao’s samadhi, where he passed away.Half of Pune is supplied with water by the Parvati water tank.

Entry fee : Visits to this temple hill are free of charge.

Best time to visit Parvati Hill Temple:

The ideal time to visit Parvati Hill is during the months of August through February. In the evening, you can simply ascend the stairs and sit there to take in the view of the city below. Here, you can unwind in the midst of nature for two to three hours.

How to reach Parvati Hill Temple:

Initially, get to Pune by train (Pune railway station) or plane (Pune airport). From there, the Swargate Bus Station, where regular buses run, is the closest bus stop to reach Parvati Hill. You can take an auto rickshaw to this shrine from here.

Parvati Hill Temple Distance:

Parvati Hill distance from Pune – 17 min (4.8 km) via NH60

Swargate to Parvati hill distance – 12 min (3.3 km) via Laxmi Nagar Rd

parvati hill distance from bangalore – 15 hr 2 min (842.0 km) via NH 48 and NH 48

parvati hill distance from hyderabad – 11 hr 1 min (558.9 km) via NH 65

parvati hill distance from chennai – 21 hr 16 min (1,195.4 km) via NH 48 and NH 48

Parvati Hill Temple Address:

Parvati Hill Temple, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Places to Visit near Parvati Hill Temple:

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum


Sarasbaug Ganapathi Temple

Samadhi Sthan of Shrimant Nanasaheb Peshwa

Peshwa Museum

Vishram Bagh Wada

Saras Garden

Pataleshwar Cave Temple

Parvati Hill Temple Photos:

parvati hill temple


peshwa museum


parvati hill temple steps

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