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You must know top 20 questions before visit the Dharmasthala Temple

You must know top 20 questions and rules before visit the Dharmasthala Temple

The following FAQ is focused on Dharmasthala:

1.Where is Dharmasthala Temple located?

In the Indian state of Karnataka, the town of Dharmasthala is well-known for the Dharmasthala Temple.

  1. What role does the Dharmasthala Temple play?

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Dharmasthala Temple is renowned for its unusual custom of providing and kindness.

  1. Is Dharmasthala accessible to people of all religions?

In fact, Dharmasthala is renowned for its tolerant and hospitable environment and is open to individuals of all religions.

  1. What are Dharmasthala’s top attractions?

In addition to the Dharmasthala Temple, the Bahubali Statue, the Manjusha Museum, and the Netravati River are points of interest.

  1. When would be the ideal time to travel to Dharmasthala?

With its beautiful weather, the winter months of October through February are the ideal times to visit Dharmasthala.

  1. What is the route to Dharmasthala?

Major cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, and Mysore may be reached by road to Dharmasthala. The closest train station may be found at Mangalore.

  1. Do lodging options exist in Dharmasthala?

Indeed, Dharmasthala offers a range of hotels and guesthouses to suit the needs of tourists.

  1. Is it permitted to take photos at the Dharmasthala Temple?

The Dharmasthala Temple is not open to photography, although guests are welcome to snap images of the complex and its environs.

  1. Does Dharmasthala celebrate any local holidays?

Indeed, one of the main festivals observed in Dharmasthala is the Lakshadeepa festival, which takes place in November and December.

  1. Am I allowed to take part in the Dharmasthala Temple rituals?

The Dharmasthala Temple welcomes visitors to watch its rites, although only Hindus are permitted to take part in certain of them.

  1. Does the Dharmasthala Temple have a dress code?

Visitors visiting the Shri Manjunatha Temple in Dharmasthala are required to abide by a set of guidelines. Men are expected to take off their shirts and vests and are not permitted to enter the temple wearing only half of their pants on. However, women are not allowed to wear pajamas within the shrine.

  1. What restaurants are there in Dharmasthala?

In keeping with the temple’s customs, Dharmasthala is home to a number of eateries and restaurants that serve vegetarian food.

  1. Are there any tourist destinations close to Dharmasthala that people can visit?

Yes, visitors are also welcome to visit the Mangalore beaches as well as the adjacent Kukke Subramanya Temple in Udupi.

  1. Is there a certain protocol to adhere to when one visits Dharmasthala?

It is expected of guests to behave properly, honor religious traditions, and abide by temple policies.

  1. Can I bring my kids to Dharmasthala?

Yes, families are welcome to travel to Dharmasthala and explore the temple and nearby areas with their kids.

  1. Is it possible to take guided excursions in Dharmasthala?

Yes, guided tours are available for guests who wish to learn more about the Dharmasthala Temple’s background and significance.

  1. Is admission to the Dharmasthala Temple paid?

The Dharmasthala Temple does not charge admission, although contributions are accepted to support the temple’s charity endeavors.

  1. Are there any cultural events that I can see in Dharmasthala?

Yes, the temple and its environs frequently host traditional musical acts and cultural shows for guests to enjoy.

  1. Is there a certain hour when there are fewer people at the temple?

The Dharmasthala Temple is usually less crowded on weekdays and in the early mornings.

  1. Are there any special guidelines or limitations for visitors from other countries that come to Dharmasthala?

While foreign visitors are welcome to Dharmasthala, they are expected to show consideration for the locals’ cultural and religious customs.

  1. Is free food available in Dharmasthala Temple?

Free food is provided to each and every one of the thousands of pilgrims that come to Dharmasthala in search of Lord Manjunatha’s blessings.

  1. Where can I bath in Dharmasthala?

One of the attractions close to Dharmasthal is the Netravati River. It is considered good by the devotees to bathe in this river before visiting the Lord Manjunath temple in Dharmasthala. There is a dam next to the river, and bathing facilities are provided.


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