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1400 years Old famous shiva temple in Bangalore – Panchalinga Nageshwara Temple

Panchalinga Nageshwara Temple, Begur:

The Panchalinga Nageshwara temple is situated in the Indian state of Karnataka in the tiny town of Begur, which is part of the Bangalore urban region. The approximately 1300-year-old Naganatheswara Temple is situated in Begur Village, approximately 4 km away on Begur Road from the Hosur Road intersection with Bommanahalli. Here was found an inscription from the 9th century, which contradicts all other legends regarding the origin of the city’s name by mentioning Bengaluru’s name as early as 890 AD. Repairs are being done to the temple. There are worries that the construction of four new Rajagopuras, or tall towers, surrounding the temple could destroy its original charm due to the brightly colored cement concrete constructions. 

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Begur Shiva Temple History:

During the reign of Nitimarga I (also known as Ereganga Neetimarga, r. 843-870) and Ereyappa Nitimarga II (also known as Ereganga Neetimarga II, r. 907-921), two shrines inside the temple complex—the Nageshvara and Nageshvarasvami—were commissioned. The shrines that are still standing are thought to be a remnant of the Chola, Hoysala, and Vijayanagara dynasties’ subsequent colonization of the area. The epigraphist R. Narasimhachar found in this temple complex an Old Kannada inscription, dated approximately 890, that recounts a “Bengaluru war” (the present-day city of Bangalore). 

Panchalinga Nageshwara Temple Architecture:

The Nageshvara temple consists of a straightforward square sanctuary (garbhagriha), which is connected to a “great closed hall” (maha-mantapa or navaragna) by a vestibule (antarala) that leads to an open hall (agra-mantapa). The north-west and south-west corners have balustraded steps that lead to the open hall. Six unevenly spaced pillars support the open hall, which features a figure of the god Shiva’s vehicle, or vahana, Nandi, on a “lotus platform” (padma-pitha) in the outer bay, a space created by four pillars. With a square base (pitha), a plain lower section, and a fluted octagonal in the center, the white granite pillars have a straightforward design. The temple’s open and closed halls are among its many areas that seem to have undergone renovations at some point in the past. The global symbol of the god Shiva, a linga, is present in the shrine.

The eight panel sculptures in a square grid pattern, known as the ashta-dik-palaka, on the ceiling of the closed hall (navaranga) exhibit the distinctive creative touch of the Western Ganga. One of the panels features an image of the god Shiva with his spouse Parvati, known as Uma-Maheshvara. The open hall’s ceiling features grid sculptures as well, the centerpiece of which features a seated representation of Shiva and Parvati. A special two-handed Ganesh, Mahishasuramardini (a form of the goddess Durga), and Kalabhairava (a form of Shiva) are among the other sculptures housed in the hall. The traditional carvings of creepers with ganas (attendants of the Hindu god Shiva) in loops with lotuses (padma) at the terminations are seen on the vertical doorjamb (sakha). 

Begur Shiva Temple Timings:

The timings of begur shiva temple is 6:00 am to 12:00 pm and 

4:00 pm  to 8:00 pm

Panchalinga Nageshwara Temple Address:

Shri Panchalinga Nageshwara Temple, BBMP office, Begur Rd, opposite to Begur, Begur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068.

How to reach Panchalinga Nageshwara Temple?

By Train: Bengaluru City Junction Railway Station, also called Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna (KSR) Station, is the closest train station to Begur.To get to the temple from the train station, you can use taxi services, autorickshaws.

By Road: To reach the temple, look up BMTC bus lines that travel through Begur and get off at the closest bus stop. The temple is typically not far from the bus station; you can choose to walk there or take a local auto-rickshaw.”

Places to visit near Panchalinga Nageshwara Temple:

Begur Fort

Shivoham Shiva Temple

Bengaluru Palace

Cubbon Park

Begur Lake

panchalinga nageshwara temple distance from bangalore – 46 min (14.5 km) via Bannerghatta Rd

Panchalinga Nageshwara Temple Photos:

begur shiva temple


panchalinga nageshwara temple

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