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Ballaleshwar Pali Temple – Timings, Pooja Details, History, Contact Number

Ballaleshwar Pali Temple:

One of the eight temples dedicated to the Hindu deity Ganesha is Ballaleshwar Pali. Ballaleshwar Pali Temple is the only Ganesha temple that is known by the name of one of his devotees. It is situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra’s Raigad district, 28 kilometres from Roha, in the village of Pali. It is positioned halfway between the river Amba and fort Sarasgad.

History of Ballaleshwar Pali Temple :

A prosperous merchant named Kalyan and his wife, Indumati, resided in the Pali village. Ballal, their son, and the other youngsters in the community used to play puja with stones in place of murtis. When the kids were once walking toward the village’s edge, they noticed a huge stone. Ballal insisted that the kids worship the stone as Ganesha. Ballal’s leadership caused the kids to get so caught up in their worship that they completely forgot about hunger and thirst, day and night.

Parents in the village were impatiently awaiting the return of their children. They all went to Kalyan’s house and complained about his son Ballal when the kids didn’t arrive home on time. In a fit of wrath, Kalyan grabbed a stick and headed in the direction of the kids. He eventually discovered the kids absorbed in the Ganesha Purana. The kids’ miniature temples were destroyed by him in his rage, and they fled in panic, leaving Ballal all by himself. Ballal was snatched by his father and thrashed until his garments were stained with blood while he was deeply immersed in devotion to Ganesha. He was then tied to a tree by his father, who also destroyed the children’s puja supplies.He lifted the huge stone that the kids had referred to as Ganesha and tossed it, shattering it into pieces. “Now we shall see which God protects you,” he teased Ballal. He left his own son tethered to the tree to perish before returning home.

Ballal condemned his father while he was still tethered to the tree for disrespecting Ganesha, saying, “May he become blind, deaf, dumb, and hunchbacked for his disrespect to the son of Parvati!” He continued repeating the name of Ganesha despite being overcome by pain, hunger, and thirst till he passed out from exhaustion. Ballal begged Ganesha to help him as he awoke. Lord Ganesha, impressed by the young boy’s devotion, manifested before Ballal as a sadhu and freed him from the tree. Ballal was completely revitalised after meeting Ganesha, and his hunger and thirst all but disappeared.Recognizing the sadhu as Ganesha, he bowed down and worshipped him. Ganesha promised Ballal that as a return for his devotion, he would grant him any wish. “May I be your unwavering disciple, and may you always stay at this place and remove the afflictions of the people who seek refuge in you,” Ballal prayed. “I shall always be here, and will place your name above mine,” declared Ganesha, who is revered as Ballal’s Lord (BallalEshwar). He hugged Ballal before blending into a nearby stone. The stone’s cracks vanished and were repaired.

The name of that statue in stone is Ballaleshwar. Dhundi Vinayak is the alternate name for the stone idol that Kalyan flung to the ground. It is venerated before Ballaleshwar since it is a swayambhu murti.

Ballaleshwar Pali Temple Timings

The Timings of Ballaleshwar Pali Temple are 5.00 am to 10.30 pm

Ballaleshwar Temple Pooja & Cost Details:

  1. Abhishek – 51/-
  2. Abhishek Pooja – 101/-
  3. Milk Anointing – 201/-
  4. Intergabhara Pooja – 301/-
  5. Mahapuja – 351/-
  6. Annual Consecration – 751/-
  7. Sahasravartan – 1500/-
  8. Laghurrudra – 2100/-
  9. New Vehicle Worship – 101/-
  10. Donation for one day’s food expenses – 5000/-

Pali Ganpati Mandir Address

Taluka Sudhagad, District Raigad, Pali, Maharashtra – 410205.

Festivals at Pali Ganpati Mandir:

  1. Bhadrapada and Magh Chaturdhi
  2. Mahanaivedya
  3. Sri Dhundi Vinayak Festival

Ballaleshwar Pali Temple Contact Number: 02142 242 263

Accommodation at Ballaleshwar Pali Temple:

Rooms are provided at temple premises. A/C & Non A/C rooms are available.

Places near to Ballaleshwar Temple:

  1. Mallikarjuna Temple
  2. Hataleshwar Temple
  3. Kedareshwar Temple
  4. LakshmiNarayana Temple
  5. Mahakali Temple
  6. Datta Temple
  7. Marimata Temple

Ballaleshwar Temple Images: 

ballaleshwar ganpati


pali ganpati mandir


Ballaleshwar Pali Temple

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