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Durgadevi Guhagar – Mandir, History, Festivals, Maharashtra

Durgadevi Guhagar – Maharashtra:

In the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra state in India, in the taluka of Guhagar, is where you can find the historic Shri Durga Devi temple. It is regarded by many Brahmin families from the Konkan region as the Kuladevata of clan goddesses.

  1. Khandoba Temple
  2. Mumbadevi Temple
  3. Mahabaleshwar Temple

It is situated in Guhagar Gaon’s Warla Pat (Upper Side). The Bhakta Niwas lie close, and the Temple is old and lush with vegetation. This is one of the charming seaside temples that may be visited both in the summer and the winter. The neighbourhood has all the conveniences needed.

Durga Devi Temple Guhagar History:

In one night, the goddess, according to Hindu legend, vanquished the evil forces and prevented Guhagar from being destroyed. A pearl from one of the ornaments was shattered during her battle with the foe. The goddess gave one of her followers the task of removing the broken pearl from a tree by the sea. The aforementioned pearl is still in the goddess’s collection of ornaments today, and it is occasionally kept there for show purposes.

Another anecdote claims that a person once visited the temple with a rash all over his body caused by an allergy. He was experiencing excruciating discomfort. He sat on the grounds of the temple for three days in a row without food or drink, only singing the goddess’ name. The deity appeared on the third day as an elderly woman. She gave him some oil to apply to the rash, and after three additional days, the rash and accompanying pains disappeared. The goddess also vanquished Mahishasura, a demon, earning her the epithet Mahishasoor Mardini.

Architecture: There is a lake surrounding the temple with a wooden pillar in the centre.The main temple has four temples of the subsidiary shrines at its four corners, giving it a Panchayatan style. A Panchayatana temple contains the primary shrine in the middle of the podium, which serves as their base, and four auxiliary shrines on each of its four corners. The main temple in this location is dedicated to Goddess Shakti, Shri Durga, and other deities in the area include the Sun, Ganesh, Shiva, and Vishnu, as well as Goddess Lakshmi.

Durgadevi Guhagar Mandir Address :

MH SH4, Guhagar, Maharashtra 415724


During the Navratri festival, a large number of Indian worshippers visit the temple to make offerings to Shree Durga Devi.

How to reach Durga Devi Temple Guhagar:

By Road: Guhagar is easily accessible from Pune and Mumbai as well as other significant Konkan cities via bus services. 40 kilometres separate Guhagar from Chiplun and 6 hours separate Guhagar from Pune. 

By air: Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai is the closest airport. Mumbai is only about 300 miles away from Guhagar.

By Train: Chiplun is the closest train station.

Places to visit in Durga Devi Guhagar:

Guhagar Beach

Vyadeshwar Temple

Gopalgad Hill

Chandika Mandir


Durga Devi Temple Guhagar Photos:

Durga Devi Guhagar mandir


Durga Devi Temple Guhagar


durga devi guhagar

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