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Hangseshwari Temple – History, Timings, Architecture, Distance

Hangseshwari Temple – West Bengal:

A Hindu ratna temple called Hangseshwari Temple (sometimes spelt Hanseswari Temple) is situated in the Indian town of Bansberia in the Hooghly District. Hangseswari, a representation of Hindu mythology’s Maa adi parashakti jagatjanani dakshina Kali, serves as the temple’s presiding deity. 

Hangseshwari Temple History:

Raja Nrisinhadeb Roy Mahasay laid the temple’s cornerstone in December 1799. However, the founder passed away after the second level was finished in 1802, leaving this renowned temple unfinished. In 1814, the remaining tasks were finished by his second wife Rani Sankari.The temple’s distinctive ratna architecture is well-known.

Hangseshwari Temple Architecture:

Raja Nrisingha Deb Roy’s mother, Rani Hanseswari, is the reason why the deity is revered as Maa Hanseswari. The god is revered in Hindu mythology as a manifestation of Maa Kali. In addition to the main temple, the compound also has the Ananta Basudeba temple. The Swanbhaba Kali temple, constructed in 1788 by Raja Nrisinha Deb Roy Mahasay, is also close by.The Hanseswari temple is distinguished by its unique construction, which deviates from the regional norm and consists of 13 minarets or Ratnas, each designed to resemble a blossoming lotus flower. The building’s inside construction resembles human anatomy. Raja Nrisingha Deb Roy Mahasay began it, and his widowed wife Rani Sankari finished it in 1814.

The “Tantrik Satchakrabhed” is reflected in the temples’ architecture. Because the five-story temple is shaped like the five sections of the human body—Bajraksha, Ira, Chitrini, Pingala, and Sushumna—it alludes to the structure of the human body.

Hangseshwari Temple Timings:

The timings of Hangseshwari Temple is 5 am – 12 pm & 4 pm – 10 pm

Hangseshwari Temple Location:

Bansberia Rd, Bansberia, Mithapukur More, West Bengal 712502.

Hangseshwari Temple Distance:

Bandel station to Hanseswari temple – 21 min (8.1 km) via Grand Trunk Rd and SH6

hanseswari temple to bandel church distance – 16 min (5.9 km) via Bansberia Town Main Rd and Chinsurah – Bansberia Rd

Hangseshwari Temple Photos:

Hangseshwari Temple


Hangseshwari Temple history


Hangseshwari Temple timings

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