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Kukke Subramanya Temple – Timings, History, Ashlesha Pooja, Online Booking

Kukke Subramanya Temple :

Kukke Subramanya is a Hindu temple in the village of Subramanya in the Kadaba taluk (formerly Sullia taluk) of Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district. Kartikeya is worshipped as Subramanya, the Lord of All Serpents, in this temple. When the divine serpent Vasuki and other serpents were challenged by the Garuda, the epics stated that they sought shelter under Subramanya.

The famous mountain of Kumara Parvatha, which overlooks the temple, is a popular hiking destination for trekkers from all over South India. The Kumara Parvatha (a mountain shaped like a six-headed mythological serpent, adjacent to Kumara Parvatha) looks like a cobra with its open hood, as if defending the temple shrine of Lord Subramanya, and the Shesha Parvatha (a mountain shaped like a six-headed mythological serpent, adjacent to Kumara Parvatha) looks like a cobra with its open hood, as if protecting the temple shrine of Lord Subramanya. The kukke subramanya temple is surrounded by thick evergreen forests on the western slopes of the Ghats.

Kukke Subramanya Temple Timings

Kukke Subramanya Temple History :

According to legend, Lord Shanmukha arrived at Kumara Parvatha with his brother Ganesha and others after defeating the demon rulers Tharaka, Shurapadmasura, and their followers in a battle. Indra and his supporters welcomed him. Indra, overjoyed, requested that Lord Kumara Swamy embrace and marry his daughter Devasena, which the Lord readily agreed to. At Kumara Parvatha, the divine marriage took place on Margashira shudha shashti.Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, and other gods gathered for Shanmukha’s marriage and coronation ceremony, for which the waters of many holy rivers were carried. These Mahabhisheka waters flowed down to form Kumaradhara, a river that was later named after them. To escape Garuda’s attack, the great Shiva Bhakta and Serpent King Vasuki performed tapas in the Biladwara caves of Kukke Subrahmanya for years. Shanmuka gave Vasuki darshan after Lord Shiva assured him that he would remain as his parama bhakta in this position forever. As a result, the poojas performed for Vasuki or Nagaraja are simply poojas for Lord Subrahmanya.

Kukke Subramanya Temple Pooja Timings

Kukke Subramanya Temple Timings :

Morning : 5:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Evening : 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Kukke Subramanya Temple Pooja Timings :

Temple Door Open, Govu Pooja – 5.00 A.M.

Ushakala Pooja – 5.30 A.M. to 6.00 A.M.

Sevas by the devotees – 6.30 A.M to 10.00 A.M

Madhyanna Pooja Consisting of Kalashapooja, Panchamrutha Abhisheka, Archana, Mahanaivedya, Mahamangalarathi – 10.00 A.M to 12.15 P.M

Distribution of Theertha Prasada – 12.30 P.M. to 1.30 P.M

Anna Santharpane – 11.30 A.M. to 2.00 P.M

Hannukai Seva, Mangalarathi by the devotees – 3.30 P.M. to 6.00 P.M

Nisha Pooja, Mahamangalarathi – 6.00 P.M. to 7.45 P.M

Distribution of Theertha Prasada, Closing the main doors – 7.45 P.M. to 8.30 P.M

Anna Santharpane (Night Meals) – 7.30 P.M. to 9.30 P.M

kukke subramanya temple ashlesha pooja :

One of the most important Kaalasarpa dosha pujas performed at Kukke Subramanya temple is Ashlesha Bali Puja or Ashlesha Bali pooja. Lord Subramanya is known for defending people from the Kaalasarpa and Kuja doshas. Sarpadosha puja is most famous at Kukke Sri Kshetra temple. Every month, the Aslesha Bali puja is performed on the Aslesha nakshatra.The Aslesha Bali puja will be held in two shifts at Kukke Subramaya temple, at 7:00 a.m. and 9.15 a.m. Devotees will receive prasada after the Homa Poornahuthi Puja is completed. Shravana masa, Karthika masa, and Margashira masa are considered the most auspicious months to perform Aslesha bali puja at Kukke temple, according to devotees.

Festivals at kukke subramanya temple :

  • Champashashti Mahothsavam
  • Makara Sankranti
  • Mesha Sankranama
  • Mahashivaratri
  • Naag Panchami

Kukke Subramanya Online Booking :Book online tickets for pooja through this website – https://eseva.kukke.org/

room booking in kukke subramanya – There are many rooms with a/c & non a/c available at kukke subramanya temple.

kukke subramanya to dharmasthala distance : 1 hr 11 min (53.4 km) via Ejilampady Road and SH 37.

kukke subramanya temple website : https://www.kukke.org/

kukke subramanya temple address : Rd, Sullia Taluk, Post, Subramanya, Karnataka 574238.

kukke subramanya temple phone number –  082572 81700

How to reach kukke subramanya temple?

Via Air :The closest airport is Mangalore’s Bajpe International Airport, which is 120 kilometers away.
Via Rail: The Subrahmanya Road station, located 12 kilometers from the Temple, is the closest railway station.
Via Bus : KSRTC runs buses to Subramanya from all of Karnataka’s major cities and towns.

Kukke Subramanya Images :

 kukke subramanya temple

Kukke Subramanya Temple History

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