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Julfa Mata Temple – Timings, History, Punjab

Julfa Mata Temple:

The Julfa Mata Temple is a Hindu temple in the northern Indian town of Nangal, Rupnagar district, Punjab.

Julfa Mata Temple History:

According to the legend, demons plagued gods over the Himalayan Mountains. The gods made the decision to destroy them. Lord Vishnu was in charge. The Gods concentrated their power in a massive flame that surged from the earth. A girl was born from the fire and is known as Adishakti (the first shakti). She was raised in Prajapati Daksha’s household. Sati was her previous name. She later married Lord Shiva.

Prajapati Daksha once offended Lord Shiva. Sati was unable to accept this and committed suicide. When Lord Shiva found out about his wife’s death, his rage knew no bounds. While holding Sati’s body, he began stalking the three worlds. Fearing Lord Shiva’s wrath, the other Gods sought Lord Vishnu’s assistance. Lord Vishnu used his Chakra to sever Sati’s body into 51 pieces. The fifty-one sacred Shaktipeeths were created wherever the pieces fell. Sati’s hair is said to have fallen at the Julfa Mata temple. ‘Julfa’ is a term that signifies “hair.”

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Julfa Mata Temple Timings:

5:30 am – 9:30 pm

Importance of the Temple:

A Shiva temple may be seen on the right side of the temple, near the entrance. Devotees attach threads to a Peepal (Bo or Sacred Ficus) tree. Moli is the name given to the thread. There is a popular notion that the deity grants all of the desires of believers. Mata’s idol can be found inside the temple. The temple is overseen by a priest. Typically, devotees bring offerings for the Devi. Sweets (Suji halwa, laddu, barfi), kheel (sugar-coated puffed rice), narial (coconut), and flowers are among the offerings. The temple is decked with lights and other decorations during navrats and saavn days.

The temple attracts a large number of devotees. The temple is located on the hills along the Nangal-Hambewal road. The temple is about five km from the township of Nangal. People used to walk to the temple, but today there is a road.


During the navratri and saawan months, the Julfa Mata Temple is decorated with flowers and lights. Minor and major holidays are religiously observed in the shrine. Special pujas, yagnas, and homas are organised and held in the temple in accordance with Vedic customs.

Julfa Mata Temple Location

Jalfa Mata Temple, Jalfa Mata Rd, Samtehn, Punjab 140124

Julfa Mata Temple Photos:

Julfa Mata Temple


Jalfa Mata Temple punjab


Jalfa Mata Temple timings

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