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Kapal Mochan Mandir – Mela Date, History, Distance, Gurudwara

Kapal Mochan Mandir – Gurudwara:

Kapal Mochan is a historic Hindu and Sikh pilgrimage site located 17 kilometres north-east of Yamunanagar city-Jagadhari town on the Bilaspur route in Yamunanagar district, Haryana, India.Kapal Mochan Mandir is also known as Gopal Mochan or Somsar Mochan. 

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Kapal Mochan History:

According to legend, Brhmanahatya, or the killing of a Brahmin, is a grave sin, but if one kills a Brahmin and bathes here, his Brhmanahatya sins will be washed. Nearby Bilaspur, Haryana (not to be confused with Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh) in Yamuna Nagar District, which takes its name from the corrupted form of “Vyas Puri,” was the ashram of Ved Vyasa rishi, where he wrote the Mahabharata on the banks of Sarasvati river near Adi Badri, where Sarasvati river leaves the Himalayas and enters the plains.

Along with the 48 kos parikrama of Kurukshetra and Dhosi Hill, it is one of the most ancient vedic sacred sites in Haryana.

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji visit:

After the Battle of Bhangani in 1688, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji visited Kapal Mochan and presented robes of honour (turbans) to warriors who fought this glorious war against Hill Rulers. He also spoke with priests from the Durga temple. He delivered Hukamnama to temple priests, and it is still kept by them. In addition, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and his warriors get rid of those persons who pollute the pond water by doing toilets near ponds.Several occurrences occurred during Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s stay at Kapal Mochan, as described in Dasam Granth, Khalsa Mahima (the glorification of Khalsa), and Charitar 71.

The birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak dev ji is commemorated with tremendous excitement and passion on the full moon of Katakk. Followers go long distances to visit the site and have their wishes granted by taking a plunge in the holy water of the Sarovar.

Kapal Mochan Mandir Address: 

Village Kapal Mochan, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana 135102

Kapal Mochan Mandir contact number – +91 – 1735273113

Kapal Mochan Mela Date 2023:

The Kapal Mochan Mela is conducted yearly in Kartik Month, according to the old Hindu calendar used in North India. The main religious event is a bath at a sacred pond near Kapal Mochan, as well as a fair. The date of the Kapal Mochan Mela in 2023 is November 27. The Saraswati River is thought to have filled the tank with water. 

The Mahabharata and Puranas both mention Kapal Mochan. The widespread idea is that taking a holy plunge here will aid in the redemption of sins and the attainment of Moksha.

The Pandavas and Draupadi are said to have visited the spot during their exile in the Mahabharata.

The fair draws about 500,000 visitors. The mela starts a few days before Kartik Purnima. The primary fair takes place on Kartik Purnima, or the full moon day in Kartik Month.

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Kapal Mochan distance:

Jagadhri to Kapal Mochan distance – 33 min (19.6 km) via NH 907G

Ambala to Kapal Mochan distance – 1 hr 25 min (65.1 km) via SH 4

Places to visit near Kapal Mochan:


Kalesar National Park


Chaneti Buddhist Stupa and 

Sugh Ancient Mound

Kapal Mochan Mandir Photos:

Kapal Mochan


Kapal Mochan mandir




Kapal Mochan history

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