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Kamakshi Temple – History, Timings, Amavasya dates, Shiroda, Goa

Kamakshi Temple Goa:

The name “Shiroda” comes from the word “Shivanath,” which means “Drawn from god.”

The Kamakshi Temple in Shiroda is very well known. In the Temple The late 16th-century Shri Kamakshi temple in Goa was constructed in the scenic village of Shiroda, which is surrounded by hills. South Goa’s Shiroda village is located 22 kilometres from Margao and 12 kilometres from Ponda town. A massive Mahadwar or temple entrance in the Shiroda village leads to the Kamakshi temple complex known as “Sthal” or more frequently “Thal.” One can clearly see the temple, which is topped by an octagonal, two-story tower with a golden Kalash perched on its Shikhar or apex, as one descends the flight of stairs after passing beneath the Mahadwar.

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Kamakshi Temple Goa History:

The Shri Kamakshi statue in Shiroda is thought to have originated in Guwahati, Assam, where she is known as Kamakhya and where she still resides today. The Salcete taluka’s Raia hamlet was home to the original Shri Kamakshi temple. However, between 1564 and 1568, the god was moved to Shiroda village in Ponda Taluka since the Raia temple had been destroyed as part of the continuing inquisition by Captain of Rachol Diogo Rodrigues, the then-representative of the Colonial Portuguese rule in Goa. It is thought that a potter from the Raia village sneaked the idol of Goddess Kamakshi over the River Kushavati to safety in the Shiroda hamlet with the help of a few deity devotees.

The followers of the deity initially positioned themselves in Vazem, Shiroda, and afterwards in the Bharbhat Ward. They eventually moved to Thal, Shiroda, the current location, but they continued to feel frightened because of the presence of Portuguese military headquarters over the river at Raiture Fort.

Legend of Shiroda Kamakshi Temple:

The god is mentioned in the Kamakshi Mahatmyam of the Sahyadri Khand of the Skandha Purana. It says that a revered Brahmin named Agnimukh, who lived in Rai (current-day Raia), once sent his son Gunakar to the jungle to gather dry grass used in the Puja or religious rite. However, the Brahmin boy was ingested by the demon Mahishasura. Agnimukha went to the local defenders Hara and Hari, and they gave him the advice to ask Shri Kamakshi, the deity, for assistance. As a result of this prayer, the divinity helped Agnimukh and challenged the demon to a duel. Mahishasura asked the god for forgiveness after being struck by a bolt, and he gave the Brahmin’s son back to her. And he departed for Patal, the underworld. 

The deity agreed to stay in the Rai region forever after Agnimukha asked her to. The first three Adhyays, or chapters, of Kamakshi Mahatmyam have a description like this. The fourth Adhyaya tells the story of how Shri Kamakshi killed the demon Mahishasura by taking the shape of Mahishasuramardini.

Every month on Amavasya, or the New Moon day, people go to this temple. A large temple celebration known as a zatra is celebrated annually on the day of Shivaratri, and thousands of devotees from Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra attend. 

Kamakshi Temple Timings: 

The timings of Kamakshi temple goa is 5.30 am to 8.30 PM

Kamakshi Temple Goa Location:

Shree Kamakshi Saunsthan, Thal Shiroda Goa, India – 403103

Kamakshi Temple Shiroda contact number – +91 832 230 6225

Shiroda Kamakshi Devi Festival and Jatra:

From Magh Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi to Phalgun Shukla Paksha Sashti, the Kamakshi Devi Festival and Jatra are observed. It is the Kamakshi Temple’s yearly event in Shiroda, Goa. The most significant ceremonies are performed on the day of Magh Amavasya.The week-long celebrations draw thousands of enthusiasts.

 For the event, lamps, lights, flowers, and leaves are used to decorate the temple.Important occasions during the time include Kamakshi Shibikotsava and Laxminarayan Shibikotsava.

During this time, people also observe Shri Kamakshi Lalkhi utsava and Rayeshwar Rathotsava.

Kamakshi temple Shiroda Amavasya 2023 Dates:

19 April 2023 , 19 May 2023 , 17 June 2023 , 17 July 2023 , 16 August 2023

14 September 2023 , 14 October 2023 , 13 November 2023 , 12 December 2023

How to reach Kamakshi Temple Goa: 

Dabolim International Airport, which is 31 kilometres distant, is the closest airport.

The Margao Railway Station, which is 19 KM away, is the closest convenient railway station.

Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, 33 kilometres distant, is the closest bus stop.

Shri Kamakshi Temple Photos:

Kamakshi temple Shiroda


Kamakshi temple goa


Kamakshi temple goa timings


Kamakshi temple goa history

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