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Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple – Timings, History, Goa

Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple Goa:

In Nanoda village, Bicholim taluka, Goa, there is a Hindu temple called Shri Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple Nanora. In the guise of Vishweshwari, Shantadurga is worshipped. The goddess who served as an intermediary between the gods Vishnu and Shiva is honoured in this temple as Shantadurga. The name of the deity in common speech is “Santeri.”

Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple History:

The first temple was in the Mapusa City Taluka Bardez neighbourhood of Calangute. Due to the forced conversion of Hindus by Portuguese invaders in the 17th century, the temple was moved to Nanora in Bicholim Taluka, where most similar temples were moved. In the south, Nanora is positioned halfway between Assonora and Mulgaon. Mulgaon is well-known for the temples that were relocated from Salcette (Shri Dev ShantaDurga Rawalnath Panchaytan Devasthan & Shri Shatadurga Ravalnath Maydekar Devashtan), as well as Kansarpal in the north and the Mahamaya Kalika Devasthan Kasarpal in the west and the Ladfe village and Bicholim city in the east.

When the Shantadurga Kalangutkarin temple was transformed into a marble marvel in the 1990s, it was repaired.

The Bhuskute family, who are Kokanstha Brahmins, are the primary priests. The temple features an agrashala (guest house) and a Dipa Stambha.

Legend of the Temple:

The goddess Shantadurga, who served as a middleman between the gods Vishnu and Shiva, is the subject of the temple. The deity is also known by the slang name “Santeri.” Local folklore describes a conflict between Shiva and Vishnu. The conflict was so ferocious that Brahma, the god, pleaded to Parvati for help. Parvati answered in the form of Shantadurga. Shiva and Vishnu were placed on Shantadurga’s left and right hands, respectively, to end the conflict.

Two serpents, one for Vishnu and one for Shiva, are held in each hand by the Shantadurga deity. Then, it is claimed that she went to the Bardez Taluka village of Kalangut. The primary idol in the sanctum sanctorum is a lingam and is more than 800 years old.

Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple Timings:

The opening and closing timings of shantadurga kalangutkarin temple is 9.30 AM and 7.30 PM.

Festivals Celebrated at Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple:

Shishirotsav, sometimes referred to as Shigmo, is the temple’s biggest celebration. A parade of the gods in various Vahanas is performed during the 10-day festival, along with other rites like Kalotsav, Homa, Dhwajarohana, Gulalotsava, Rathotsava, etc.

Vasant Panchami of Navaratri

Somvar Shravani Desai of Desai wada in Pirna, Bardez, Goa celebrates the first Shravani Somvar.

Akshay tritiya


Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple Location:

SH130, Nanora, Latambarcem, Goa 403503.

Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple Photos:

Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple


Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple timings

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