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Nathdwara Shrinathji Temple – History, Timings, Distance, Online Booking, Rajasthan

Shrinathji Temple – Nathdwara, Rajasthan

The Shrinathji Temple, also known as the Nathdwara Temple, is a prominent Hindu temple located in the town of Nathdwara in the state of Rajasthan, India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, who is worshipped in the form of Shrinathji, a child incarnation of Lord Krishna. The  Nathdwara Temple holds immense religious and cultural significance for devotees of Lord Krishna and is renowned for its vibrant festivities and elaborate rituals.

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Nathdwara Temple History:

The history of the Nathdwara Temple dates back to the 17th century. The idol of Shrinathji was originally enshrined in the Govardhan hill near Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. However, during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, the idol was brought to Rajasthan to protect it from destruction and desecration. The idol was temporarily kept in various locations until it found its permanent abode in Nathdwara in 1672 CE.

Legend of Shrinathji Temple:

Legend has it that when the idol was being transported to Nathdwara, the chariot carrying it got stuck in the mud near the village of Sihad. Taking it as a divine sign, the idol was installed in a small temple at that very spot. Later, a magnificent temple was constructed to house the idol permanently, and it became the revered Shrinathji Temple.

Nathdwara Temple Architecture:

The temple architecture follows the traditional Rajasthani style, characterized by intricately carved stone pillars, ornate domes, and beautifully decorated facades. The central shrine of the temple, called the “Garbhagriha,” houses the idol of Shrinathji. The idol is depicted as a seven-year-old child holding a flute and adorned with exquisite jewelry and colorful garments. The idol is unveiled for a limited period every day for devotees to have darshan (auspicious sight).

The Shrinathji Temple is famous for its daily rituals and elaborate festivals. The idol is treated as a living deity and goes through a routine of daily activities, including waking up, bathing, dressing, and being offered meals. Devotees gather to witness these rituals, and it is believed that even a glimpse of the deity brings immense blessings and spiritual fulfillment.

The temple is particularly renowned for its grand celebration of festivals like Janmashtami (Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary) and Annakut (a festival where a mountain of food is offered to the deity). During these festivities, the temple is adorned with flowers, lights, and decorations, and thousands of devotees throng to the temple to participate in the celebrations.

The Shrinathji Temple holds a special place in the hearts of devotees, who come from far and wide to seek the blessings of Shrinathji. The temple complex also includes various other shrines dedicated to different forms of Lord Krishna and his divine consorts. The town of Nathdwara, where the temple is located, has grown around the temple and has become a significant pilgrimage site for Krishna devotees.

The Shrinathji Temple stands as a testament to the rich religious and cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Its intricate architecture, divine atmosphere, and vibrant festivities make it a must-visit destination for devotees and tourists alike, providing a spiritual and immersive experience in the devotion to Lord Krishna.

 Shrinathji Temple Darshan Timings:

Mangla – 05:45 am to 06:30 am

Shringar – 07:30 am to 08:00 am

Gwal – 09:05 am to 09:20 am

Rajbhog  – 11:15 am to 11:55 am

Uthapan  – 03:30 pm to 03:50 pm

Aarti – 05:15 pm to 06:30 pm


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Nathdwara Temple Online Booking: Devotees can book tickets through online mode from official website –

Nathdwara Dharamshala Online booking –

New Cottage Nathdwara booking Online –

Nathdwara Temple Address: Shrinathji Temple, Shiv Nagar, Nathdwara, Rajasthan 313301.

Nathdwara Temple Contact Number:  +91 02953 233484

nathdwara temple to udaipur distance – 55 min (45.0 km) via NH58

Ahmedabad to Shrinathji distance – 5 hr 34 min (303.3 km) via NH 48

Jaipur to Shrinathji distance – 7 hr 10 min (383.2 km) via NH52

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How to reach Nathdwara Temple Udaipur:

By air: The Nathdwara is around 41 kilometres from Udaipur’s Dabok airport. The distance between the temple and another Jodhpur Airport is roughly 201 km.

By Train: There is no direct train that travels from Udaipur City Railway Station to the Nathdwara district; however, you can board a fast train at Malvi Junction, which is 30 km distant. 

By Road: Nathdwara town’s interior can be rapidly reached by public transportation. To get to the temple with ease, you can take private taxis, cabs, auto rickshaws, or buses.

Shrinathji Temple Photos:

Nathdwara Temple


Shrinathji Temple


Nathdwara Temple Udaipur


Nathdwara Temple timings

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