Famous Temples in West Bengal | West Bengal Temple | List of Temples in West Bengal

Famous Temples in West BengalĀ 

The eastern part of India state of West Bengal has undergone a lot of spiritual and religious temples and also west Bengal has strongly connected to the history. West Bengal temples are very unique and different, here every year millions of devotees come from around the world to take the blessing of God. every architecture has an interesting history, hence some of them are famous temples in India. also, west Bengal is a popular tourist place in India.

here we are providing some of the famous temples in west Bengal. If you’re planning a religious tour then West Bengal will be the best place in India.


  • Ananta Basudeba Temple
  • Attahas
  • Bargabhima temple
  • Belur Math
  • Terracotta Temple
  • Ekachakra
  • Hangseshwari Temple
  • Kalyaneshwari Temple
  • Kiriteswari Temple
  • Shakti peeth in Bengal
  • Tarkeshwar Mandir
  • Tarapith Mandir