Famous Temples in Assam | Assam Temples List | Guwahati Temple List

Famous Temples in Assam:

The state Assam is known for tea, mug silk, petroleum, and oil products. Here the source of the quaint place is the Brahmaputra River, which creates food water, and necessities for the Assamese, Assam also you can view the Assam traditional festival, religious temples in Assam, caves, and much more. Assam and near places are extremely very fantastic there you can enjoy the beauty and historical place every traveler needs time to explore all famous tourist places near Assam. Also, you can go for a picnic it will be an awesome way to connect with the natural surroundings Assam is the best place to relax and chill.

so, if you’re planning to visit the religious temples in Bihar with your family then Assam is the best place with ancient temples in Assam and an awesome place. You can visit both at a time. Assam is one of the famous places in India. Assam has many ancient temples, famous temples in Assam has connected to history.

Assam Temples List:

  1. Kamakhya Temple
  2. Aswaklanta Temple
  3. Purva Tirupati  Shri Balaji Temple
  4. Navagraha temples
  5. Umananda Temple
  6. Sivasagar Sivadol
  7. Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar
  8. Negheriting Shiva Doul
  9. Bhairabi Temple
  10. Basistha Temple
  11. Hayagriva Madhava Temple
  12. Mahamaya Temple Assam
  13. Tilinga Mandir
  14. Ugratara Temple
  15. Sukreswar Temple
  16. Mahabhairab Temple
  17. Lankeshwar Temple
  18. Doul Govinda Temple
  19. Dirgheswari Temple