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Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple – Timings, History, Photos

Chaya Someswara Temple :

In Panagal, Nalgonda district, Telangana, India, Chaya Someswara  temple, also known by the name Thrikutalayam, is a Hindu temple. It is a famous place during Sivarathri. It was founded by the Ikshvaku Dynasty between the 11th and 12th centuries.This Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple, built by the Cholas of Kunduru, is also called Thrikutalayam. This temple got its name as it is assumed that in the main temple on Shiva Lingam there is an infinite shadow (Chaya), all day that draws thousands of tourists to this temple.

Chaya Someswara Temple History:

The Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple was built by the Ikshvaku Dynasty between the 11th and 12th centuries CE. The name was given to the temple as it is assumed that there is an eternal shadow in the main temple on Shiva Lingam, all day. The Chaya Someshwara Swamy Aalayam is an epitome of grace, craft and spectacle in the Nalgonda district. From its mystifying shadow or Chaya, the temple got its name.This impressive temple, built by the Cholas of Kunduru, is known as Thrikutalayam. It testifies to the architects’ fantastic imaginative thinking and style.

One of the temple’s Garbhagudis still experiences a shadow in the west and east of the Thrikutalayam and this mystery draws thousands of visitors to this temple.

Sri Chaya Someswara Temple Timings:

The Chaya Someswara Temple Timings are every day 6 am to 8 pm.

Festivals Celebrated in the Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple :

We will find smaller numbers of devotees in the temple on regular days. At Chaya Someswara Temple, both festivals are celebrated. The temple is attended by an enormous number of devotees:

Maha Shivaratri (Feb or March)

Tholi Ekadasi (June or July)

Kartika Masam (Nov or Dec)

Chaya Someshwara Alayam Accommodation:

The pilgrims can stay at hotels and lodges in Nalgonda, as the temple is 4 km from Nalgonda.

How to reach Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple:

Via the air:

Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the closest airport to the temple.

Via Rail:

The railway station at Nalgonda is 3 km from the temple. And the railway lines from all the major cities across India are linked.

By Road:

As Nalgonda is very close, there are buses available to reach the temple at any time.

Chaya Someswara Temple Address :

Panagal, Nalgonda, Telangana 508004.

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Photos of Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple :

Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple

Chaya Someswara Temple History

Sri Chaya Someswara Temple Timings

Chaya Someshwara Alayam Accommodation

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