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Somasila – Temple, Dam, Reservoir, Capacity, Images, Nellore

Somasila Temple Nellore(Someswara Temple Nellore)

The Somasila Temple(Someswara Temple) is located in Near Somasila Dam, Somasila village in Nellore district.It is famous for the Temple of Sri Lalitha Someswara Swamy. It is thought that it was built during the seventh century. Lord Shiva is the deity which presides over here. There is much religious fervour here celebrating Mahashivaratri and Karthika Pournami. A big draw is the festival which is held here once in twelve years. Pushkara Snanam On this occasion a dip in the Krishna River is considered to be auspicious.

Somasila Temple

There are 15 temples, Shivalingas all living. The Somasila Temple was moved from the ancient village of Somasila to higher ground to prevent it from being submerged in the waters of Krishna. The place is used by many tourists for picnics. This is popular with Karnataka and Maharashtra pilgrims.

Somasila Dam:

The Somasila Dam is a dam built across the Penna River , near Somasila, district of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh , India. The dam-imposed reservoir has an area of 212,28 km2 (52,456 acres) with a somasila dam capacity of 1,994 km3 (1,616,562 acreft) or 75 tmcft.

The Somasila Reservoir can get water from the reservoir Srisailam located in the Krishna basin by gravity. It is the largest storage reservoir in the Penna River basin and, in a normal year, can store all the inflows from its catchment area. This reservoir can also feed the nearby gross storage capacity of Kandaleru reservoir by gravity of 72 tmcft.Under Indian Rivers Inter-link projects, it is planned to connect the reservoir to the Nagarjunasagar reservoir in order to increase its water-inflows.somasila project under existing canal systems.

The Kavali Canal is one of the principal canals. Ayacut of this canal was 25,000 acres wet Ayacut and 50,000 acres I d Ayacut. Also developed was nearly 25,000 acres of unlicensed ayacut developed on the right and left sides of the canal. Under tank scheme, Kavali canal feeds to the 52 tanks.It will be provided by the mandal dagadarthi, sangham mandal, mandal jaladanki, and mandal kavali. The total canal length is 67,619 kilometres. Kavali Canal is the primary source of drink for approximately 1.2 lakh population in Kavali municipality.

Somasila Dam on Which River: 

Somasila Reservoir is installed across Pennar River near Somasila, Ananthasagaram Mandal village in Andhra Pradesh district of Nellore.

Nellore to Somasila Dam Distance:

2 h 9 min (84.8 km) via Manubolu Podalakur Road and Podalakur Somasila Rd

Somasila Pincode: 524301

Somasila SBI Ifsc Code: SBIN0005815

Somasila Dam Images:

Somasila Dam

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