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Arasavalli Temple – Arasavalli Sun Temple – History, Sun Rays, Timings, Accommodation, Images

Arasavalli Temple:

Arasavalli Sun Temple, located in the Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh, India, is a prominent Surya temple. The Arasavalli temple is constructed in such a way that the sun’s rays fall on the feet of the God twice a year, in the early hours of the day in the months of February and June. All Sundays beginning with the letter ‘Magha Nakshatra’ are considered sacred.


Arasavalli Temple History:

Aditya, Ambica, Vishnu, Ganesha, and Maheswara idols representing various faiths have been installed in one location.

The Sun God is shown riding atop a chariot drawn by seven horses and driven by Anurudu, the Ratha Sarathi. It was meticulously carved from a single piece of black granite stone.

The coastal district temple is unique in that its latitude corresponds to the minor lunar standstill. The transition from the lunar calendar of north India to the solar calendar of south India is also visible in local culture. This is most likely the most eastern sun temple in peninsular India, where prayers are still offered today. Chicacole is significant in the Kalinga (historical region) kingdom because of their port at Kalingapatnam, making it Megasthenes’ dairy (Calingae). The diaspora can be found in present-day south east Asia at historical Kalinga (province), Kalingga Kingdom, and other locations. Prince Vijaya, Sri Lanka’s first ruler, is thought to be of Kalinga descent.

Harshavalli’s original name means “abode of joy.” It is thought to have been constructed in the 7th century AD by Kalinga ruler Devendra Varma.

Arasavalli Temple Timings: 

arasavalli sun temple timings

Monday6:30am–2pm, 3:30–8pm

Tuesday6:30am–2pm, 3:30–8pm

Wednesday – 6:30am–2pm, 3:30–8pm

Thursday – 6:30am–2pm, 3:30–8pm

Friday6:30am–2pm, 3:30–8pm

Saturday – 6:30am–2pm, 3:30–8pm

Sunday6:30am–2pm, 3:30–8pm

Arasavalli temple sun rays timing: 

From 6.22 a.m., the sunrays touched the idol’s feet. to 6.32 a.m., with a possible repeat on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hundreds of devotees flocked to the temple early in the morning to receive ‘darshan’ on the auspicious occasion.

Arasavalli Temple accommodation:

Near the temple, Indrapushkarini choultries are available. In addition, there are 9 non-air conditioned luxury rooms and 1 non-air conditioned super luxury room with advance bookings of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000.

Arasavalli Temple images:

arasavalli sun temple

Arasavalli Temple

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