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Mystery of Bhojpur Temple – Timings, History, Distance, Madhya Pradesh

Bhojpur Temple – Madhya Pradesh

The Bhojpur Temple is a Hindu temple situated in Bhojpur village of Madhya Pradesh, India. Dedicated to Shiva, it houses a 7.5 feet (2.3 m) high lingam in its sanctum. Bhojeshwar Temple, also known as East Somnath, is a beautifully carved and exceptionally well designed temple in Bhojpur, Madhya Pradesh. The still incomplete temple is not incomplete in beauty and grandeur. The Bhojpur Temple is an exemplary example of craftsmanship in the 12th century.

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History of Bhojpur Temple

The Work of the Bhojpur Temple was started by the Malwa ruler Raja Bhojdev in 1010 – 1055 AD. He lived in his capital city of Dhar and had great taste in art, literature and sciences. According to local folklore he is known to have founded the settlement of Bhopal which was originally called Bhojpal. In Bhojpur Raja Bhojdev is said to have built three large earthen dams and created a huge reservoir for people which was later destroyed by Malwa Sultan Hoshang Shan. On the banks of this reservoir, he built a huge Shiva temple called Bhojeshwar Temple with a huge Shiva Lingam 7.5 feet high and 17.8 feet in circumference. It is mounted on a square platform.

Bhojpur Temple Architecture

The design and style of the temple is very beautiful and attractive. Divided into a vast area, the temple is divided into several parts. Just seeing this temple will tell you many things about the Indian temple architecture. The unfinished roof over the sanctum of this Hindu temple shows the circulation of gopuram construction in India itself. Some historians even call it the first pitched roof building in India. According to the legends this temple and Shivalinga was built by Pandavas for the worship of their Mother Kunti and the Shiva Lingam was here built in one night only. The height of this famous Shiv Lingam is more than twenty one feet. Such a big Shiva Lingam created from a single stone is not seen anywhere else.

Bhojpur Shiva Temple or Bhojeshwar Temple is the main Shiva temple in Madhya Pradesh. Not everyone is impressed by the grand design of this temple. The Bhogeswara temple used to be a huge lake in the west. A lake was also built on it, but now only its remains are scattered. The dam was built very cleverly. Surrounded by hills on both sides, the lake is filled with the help of huge sandalwoods on the other two sides. These stone blocks are four feet long and 2.5 feet thick. The small dam is about 44 feet high and its base is 300 feet wide and the large dam is 24 feet high and 100 feet wide at the top surface. It is noteworthy that this dam blocked the spread of water for about 250 miles. The lake was destroyed by Hoshangsha (1405-1434 CE).

Bhojpur Temple Timings

Bhojeshwar Temple opens daily from Morning 06:00 AM and closes at Evening 07:00 PM.

Bhojpur Temple Shiva Lingam

The height of Shiva Lingam installed in Bhojpur Temple is 7.5 feet. The Shiv Lingam of Lord Shiva in the Bhojeshwar Temple (Bhopal) is the world’s largest single stone Shiva Lingam.

Best Time to Visit Bhojeshwar Temple

Between the months of September to March it is the best time to visit the Bhojpur Bhojeshwar Temple as well as the Magnificent caves. On Maha Shivratri and Makar Sankranti is also the best time to visit during this time large number of tourists visit this place.

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Bhojpur Temple Location

Bhojpur Bhojeshwar Temple, Bhojpur Road,

Bhojpur, Madhya Pradesh – 464551, India

How to Reach Bhojeshwar Temple

By Air : The nearest airport to Bhojpur Temple is at Bhopal, which is 28 km from the site. Pre-paid taxi services are available from Bhopal Raja Bhoj Airport to Bhojpur Bhojeshwar Temple.

By Rail: The nearest rail link to the temple is Bhopal Railway Station, which is 30-32 km away from the temple.

By Road : The temple is located in the heart of the city – 17 km from Bhopal. Cabs and taxis are available which fares from Bhopal city start at Rs. 100/150.

Hotels are near Bhojeshwar Temple

Hotels near Bhogeswara Temple:

(15.57 km) Hotel Amer Greens

(13.16 km) Hotel Canhas Palm Springs

(7.45 km) OYO 19312 Hotel Shiva Shakti

(14.68 KM) Treebo Trend Hotel Alankar

(13.58 km) Hotel Highway Treat, Bhimbetka (MPTD)

Bhojpur Temple distance: 

Bhimbetka to Bhojpur temple distance – 36 min (26.1 km) via NH 46

Bhopal to Bhojpur temple – 52 min (28.9 km) via Narmadapuram Rd

Bhojpur Temple Photos:

Bhojpur Temple


Bhojpur temple mystery


Bhojpur temple distance


bhojeshwar temple


Bhojpur Temple Timings

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