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Tali Shiva Temple – Timings, History, Online Booking, Kozhikode, Kerala

Tali Shiva Temple – Kozhikode, Kerala:

A Hindu temple honouring the god Shiva may be found in the centre of Kozhikode, Kerala, as the Tali Shiva Temple or Tali Mahakshetram. In the fourteenth century, Zamorin of Calicut constructed the shrine. In the centre of Kozhikode town stands the historic Tali Kshetram temple. The presiding god is Shiva. The Sanctum Sanctorum’s Jyotirlinga is thought to have been installed by Parasuraman. One kilometre to the east of Kozhikode Railway Station sits the temple.

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Tali Shiva Temple History:

One of Kozhikode’s oldest temples is the Tali Temple. Swamy Thirumulapad erected the temple. The reverence of this historic temple is intimately connected to the founding and success of Kozhikode city. It is thought that Sri Parasurama installed the lingam in the temple’s sanctum around the conclusion of the Dvapara Yuga. The sanctuary is set up in Umamaheswara’s position. Even though this divine force has existed for all of recorded history, Kozhikode’s residents didn’t start paying attention to the temple until around 1500 years ago.Later, under the reign of the Zamorin of Calicut (also known as Samoothiri), who held the illustrious title Sailabdheswara, the temple attained its pinnacle. The 14th century saw the construction of the temple in its current form. When Tipu Sultan entered Kozhikode in the 18th century, the temple was almost destroyed. 1964 saw yet another renovation of the shrine. At this temple, Revathi Pattathanam festivities began. Philosophers and notables attended this event. Discussions during the events included Bharatha Meemamsa, Prabhakara Meemamsa, Vedanta Meemamsa, and Vyakarana. Eighteen poets attended this event between the 15th and 16th centuries. This activity is currently in progress. According to some historians, the temple was created even before the city was founded.

Importance of Tali Shiva Temple:

In terms of history the Tali Shiva Temple is significant. It is a treasure house with many gods and is exquisitely constructed.This sanctuary has two stories. It has mural paintings all over it and is shaped like a chariot.Large walls in the shape of an elephant belly surround and protect the temple on all sides. Additionally, the complex of temples contains some exquisite stone sculptures. These statues depict Shiva. There are sculptures of birds and animals as well. These illustrate several Puranas legends.In the sanctuary, there is also a Jyotirlingam. In and around Pune, Maharashtra, there are five of the twelve Jyotirlingas.Within the inner walls are also Umamaheshwara, Tali Ganapathy, Thevarathil Ganapathy, and Thrumandhakunnu Bhagavathy. Thevarathil Bhagavathy, Naga, and Ayyappa deities can be found on the outside walls.Within the complex, there is a separate Vishnu temple. The temple also features a Dwajastambam of its own.The Sreevalayanad Bhagavati idol can be found in the Vishnu temple as well.Another tiny temple exists. Narasimha Moorthy is the presiding god. This shrine is located in the Vishnu shrine’s southern section.

Tali Shiva Temple Timings:

The opening and closing timings of tali shiva temple kerala is 4.30 am to 8.30 pm

Tali Shiva Temple Official Website:

Temple opens, Abhishekam, Malar Nivedyam – 04:30 am

Dhara, Ushapuja – 05:30 am

Ganapathihomam – 06:00 am

Morning puja – 06:30 am

Sheeveli (Shiva kshetram) – 07:00 am

Navagraha puja, Mrutyunjaya homam – 07:30 am

Pantheeradi puja (Krishna kshethram) – 08:00 am

Lakshminarayana puja – 08:30 am

Ucha puja (Krishna kshethram) – 09:45 am

Ucha puja (Shiva kshethram) – 10:00 am

Sheeveli (Krishna kshetram) – 10:30 am

Sheeveli (Shiva kshetram) – 10:45 am

Closes (Nada adaykkal) – 11:00 am

Opens (Nada Thurakkal) – 05:00 pm

Deeparadhana – 06:30 pm

Umamaheswara puja, Bhagavati seva – 07:00 pm

Athazha puja – 07:30 pm

Sheeveli (Krishna and Siva kshetram) – 08:00 pm

Truppuka, nada adaykkal (closes) – 08:30 pm

Festivals are Celebrated at Tali Shiva Temple:

Maha Shivratri 

Revathi Pattathanam: This festival is still held at the temple. This cultural programme runs seven days a week. It happens in October or November. According to legend, the Zamorins created the event as atonement for slaughtering the Namboothiris. Additionally, successful students are rewarded.

During the Malayalam New Year is when there is the biggest festival. The festival lasts for seven days. Shiva is worshipped throughout this period.

Dress Code of Tali Shiva Temple:

Devotees must arrive dressed traditionally. The temple prohibits entry for those wearing jeans and western attire. At the temple counter, you can rent a Mundu, or traditional dress. Men are also not permitted to enter the sanctuary wearing shirts. Instead of wearing a shirt, they can drape a Veshti.

Tali Shiva Temple Online Booking:

Devotees can book pooja tickets from official website through online –

How to reach Tali Shiva Temple Kerala:

By Air: The Temple is only 23 kilometres from the Calicut International Airport. From the airport, private vehicles are available to take you right to the temple.

By Rail: The closest railway station is at Kozhikode. Nearly all big cities have frequent trains.

By Road: All major cities provide privately owned A/C and non-A/C buses. In addition, KSRTC offers deluxe and semi-deluxe buses. One can choose from routes like Lakkidito, Nilamburto, Thalasseryto, Pattambito, Tholpettyto, and Bandipur National Park to Kozhikode whether they are driving or riding a bicycle.

Tali Shiva Temple Address:

Tali Road near Zamorins school, PO chalappuram, Palayam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673002

Tali Shiva Temple Contact Number – 04952703610

Places to visit near Kozhikode:

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Varakkal Devi Temple

Tali Shiva Temple Kerala Photos:



Tali Shiva Temple


Tali Shiva Temple timings

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