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Shree Betal Temple – Timings, History, Cudenem, Goa

Shree Betal Temple:

Shri Betal temple is a Hindu temple located in Amona village, Bicholim taluk, Goa, India. The presiding god is Betal, who is worshipped as a Bhairava form of Shiva in the guise of a warrior; typically, Shree Betal’s statue stands in the temple, but during festivals, his idol is presented outside the village on a horseback. He is Amona’s Gramme devata (village ruler).

Shri Betal has a temple in the village of “Gorli” in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Betal is also the gramadevata (village deity) of the village. There is also a Shiva Pindi and gana at this temple.

Prior to 1950, the temple’s construction was supported by the Late Shri. Vithal Jagannath Telang, and his name is inscribed on the flooring. A water well is located 50 metres from the main temple.

Purvas Vetal, the warrior god, is honoured in the temple. The deity is also known as ‘Betal’ in colloquial terms.

Betal is a god of India’s indigenous Hindu people. Betal, the Bhairava god of the raging storm, is typically depicted as a ferocious, destructive deity. Many myths and folklore about Vetala’s bravery and wisdom have been passed down through generations of locals who worshipped this divinity.

Betal Temple History:

The original temple was in the same location in Amona, but it was later reconstructed from time to time by jeernoddhara . The temple is thought to be hundreds of years old. Boyini Betaiah, whose name is taken from the name of the god, and his six relatives offer prayers at the temple. The priesthood of the temple has been bestowed to the family for generations and continues to this day.

shree betal temple timings:

5.00 am – 8.00 am

shree betal temple address:

Cudnem, Goa 403505.

betal temple goa photos:

shree betal temple


betal temple goa


betal temple

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